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Relationships Are Mirrors 🪞

Did you know every relationship in your life can be viewed as a mirror to reflect back to you your conditioning and limiting beliefs when triggered? 🪞 Have you noticed how you see distinct patterns within yourself while around certain people? 🤔⁣How can different people create the same triggers then right? 🤨⁣So what if you… Continue reading Relationships Are Mirrors 🪞

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Your BODY is Your Temple

How do you treat your BODY? 🤔⁣Are you making healthy choices 80% or more of the time to feed your BODY what benefits this vessel you reside in? 🧐⁣OR do you treat your BODY like a disposal more often than not? 🤨 Your BODY is your temple and the only outfit / suit you will… Continue reading Your BODY is Your Temple

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Life is a Heartbeat 💓

A heartbeat has its up and down,so what makes you think life doesn’t? 🤨 Otherwise life would be a flat line and we wouldn’t be ALIVE, living, and GROWING! ❤️‍🩹⁣And this week definitely had lots of ups! ❤️‍🔥 I love asking my HIGH VIBE SUPPORT TRIBE and clients what their 3 BIGGEST WINS were in… Continue reading Life is a Heartbeat 💓

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Failure Creates GIFTS 💝

STOP making failure the reason you don’t leap into the unknown, where infinite possibilities exist! ♾⁣So many I speak with don’t take the risk to follow their hearts’ desire because of the fear of failure, whether it was a failed circumstance from the past or even just an imagined one that never happened in reality.… Continue reading Failure Creates GIFTS 💝


Do You Worry? 😰

What do you worry about? Share in the comments below!👇🏼⁣Is what you worry about currently happening? 🤔 Consider when you worry you're actually using your thoughts to create ONE possibility in the future… 🤨⁣According to Abraham Hicks: "Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want."⁣I LOVE this because it's so right on!… Continue reading Do You Worry? 😰