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Gratitude Attitude

What are YOU grateful for that happened this last week? 🥰⁣Did you know having GRATITUDE for everything in your present life just brings more to be grateful for? 😍 Having gratitude for NOW does not mean you cannot have desires to up level either, in fact it’s quite the opposite. 🙃⁣By focusing on what you’re… Continue reading Gratitude Attitude

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Dog Surgery HEALing Analogy 🐩💙

Have you ever had to have surgery to heal a part of your that required it? 🧐⁣⁣I’ve had 4, with the brain surgery being the toughest of all! 🧠⁣The tougher the surgery, the longer the HEALing and recovery process, right? ❤️‍🩹⁣The body needs rest to repair and heal, not much movement or DOING in order… Continue reading Dog Surgery HEALing Analogy 🐩💙

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Did you know TEARS HEAL? ❤️‍🩹

THIS PICTURE IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU TO FEEL SAD OR SORRY FOR ME! 😉 I am PROUD to say that I can share my tears & vulnerability with the world now whereas before all the transformation & HEALing work I did I’d release privately or even worse, keep it inside! 😳⁣We’re all human &… Continue reading Did you know TEARS HEAL? ❤️‍🩹

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Failure Creates GIFTS 💝

STOP making failure the reason you don’t leap into the unknown, where infinite possibilities exist! ♾⁣So many I speak with don’t take the risk to follow their hearts’ desire because of the fear of failure, whether it was a failed circumstance from the past or even just an imagined one that never happened in reality.… Continue reading Failure Creates GIFTS 💝

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My Conception Journey

I am ready to be raw and share about our conception journey after yesterday’s consultation with the fertility center. ❤️‍🩹 After my last MRI in 2020 we started working on conceiving and I’ve made random little remarks in my posts regarding this, but haven’t been ready to fully share yet until now.⁣I never realized how… Continue reading My Conception Journey