Anuschka is simply amazing! She is so great at what she does because she’s lived a life of transformation herself and is a survivor! She doesn’t just “talk,” she “does!”. To me it’s more powerful learning from a person who has lived what they teach rather than just teach out of theory. She’s inspiring, carries an undeniable positive energy, and will help you change your life to be the best version of yourself! I’m forever thankful for her!
– Katie R. (4/22/2019)
Anuschka has the most loving centered presence with each session. She helped me feel safe yet honest in navigating my own self imposed limitations and excuses. She is the best coach ever!!!
– Christie A. (01/23/2019)
Not only is Anuschka an incredible human being, amazing friend and loving wife, she is an exceptional life coach who will be there to support and empower you every step of the way! Having survived and THRIVED after a diagnosis, removal and recovery from a brain tumor, this woman has so much gusto and love for life you will be inspired to do more with your own life just from meeting her and hearing her story!!
– Rachael M. (12/11/2018)
There are many professional coaches who are truly helpful people, but Anuschka belongs in a very small subset group of rare and magical coaches. She is one of a kind and can hear you fully in a way that only a few humans can. This wonderful coach demonstrates knowledge, experience and a great passion in helping and empowering others to find true happiness and inner power. Her creativity makes her to have different approaches to coach each client in a unique suitable way. She is the only person that I have seen to be the closest to the source energy. She radiates so much light and energy through her conversations and meetings that each session is a new empowerment to me.
Anuschka has been one of the most important forces in my life. Her outstanding and magical coaching helped me to overcome my anxieties, taking the next steps in my career and being authentic to myself and others. Her understanding of Emotional Intelligence and unique coaching took me to a new level in my life. She led me through different challenging situations in my life and taught me positivity, happiness and inner power are the key elements. I am very appreciative of her coaching and ongoing guidance through my transformation.
Thank you Anuschka! You are the most compassionate coach I have ever seen. It feels like you were born to be a life coach and dedicate yourself to help others 🙂
– Farnaz F. (12/8/2018)
I have done a lot of personal development and worked with psychologists, therapists, and coaches at various stages of my life. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And that is for sure the case here! Anuschka is FORCE and lives up to her title of Life, Empowerment, and Transformation Coach. She is next level and came into my life at the perfect time! She has empowered me to release old ways of being that weren’t serving me and really love and own the powerful being that I am! With her support, assistance, guidance, and example, I am the happiest, most peaceful, and most fulfilled I’ve ever been! She has a genuine passion to see people thrive! She walks her talk, is full of wisdom, and is an excellent coach!
I recommend her services 100%!
– Kelly W. (12/6/2018)
Wow where do I begin!!!! Anuschka is nothing less than an amazing empowerment or life coach!! I was in such a rut going through breakup after breakup with wrong guys and not understanding why this was happening to ME!!!! After talking to her ONE time she coached to realize things within me that I have been holding on to since I was a child that have stopped me from so many things!!! Talk about major breakthrough! Man do I love her!
She has soooooo much positive energy. Even speaking with her through the phone I feel her light and love!!! After you hear her story you will be blown away people. I highly highly recommend her if you need help to reach your happy place or even someone to just talk to!!! Wow! Empowerment coach to the rescue! Can’t wait for our next sesh!
Thanks Anuschka!!
– Bahar K. (11/8/2018)