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Anuschka Alborzian:
A Brain Tumor Survivor & THRIVER!
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I’m Here For You!

My passion is to empower you to envision and create your IDEAL DREAM LIFE, while releasing the autopilot thoughts and behaviors that sabotage you from living that life!

A newly evolved and fulfilled YOU can emerge through Mind Body Spirit Healing with Anuschka!

With various traumatic experiences throughout my lifetime since childhood, an extensive former career as a Software Engineer and an IT Consultant, to having Healed myself from a Stage 4 Glioblastoma Brain Tumor by balancing my MIND BODY and SPIRIT through countless Western conventional and Eastern alternative treatments, as well as having years of Coaching experience, my individualized approach will Empower YOU to attain your future Health targets in the face of any circumstance!

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I know committing to a Healthier Lifestyle is just that – a COMMITMENT, and it’s a big one that will take lots of dedication and believe me, it is worth it!

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Mind Body Spirit Healing…

And it is a GIFT; a gift to uncover and HEAL the dis-eases and imbalances within our bodies, whether from childhood traumas or adulthood traumas.

We are forever healing because we are forever growing… until we’re not… and that is when we take our LAST BREATH! THIS IS THE JOURNEY OF LIFE! 😍

MY PROMISE to those that work with me, who COMMIT to the WORK and to THEMSELVES, is that they will have a TRUE ideal Healthy Lifestyle, Master Self-Healing for themselves, see the beauty in LIFE being a Healing Journey, and Live Life to the Fullest in the face of any circumstance!

I am committed to making a difference one HUMAN Being at a time through
Mind Body Spirit Healing with Anuschka!

Your LIFE Depends On It!