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GROW Through What You GO Through! 💪🏼⁣

You KNOW I bought this shirt the moment I laid eyes on it! 😍⁣And of course there was only this one shirt that happened to be my size! 🦄💖💫 Click here to Schedule FREE Consultation We always have a choice! ⚖️⁣We can either choose to be victims of the circumstances we are dealt and continue… Continue reading GROW Through What You GO Through! 💪🏼⁣

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Do You Ever Half-Unplug? 🤔

Being an entrepreneur and doing what I do, sometimes it’s tough to unplug! Especially since majority of those that find me is through the World Wide Web and word of mouth of course, which I always appreciate! 🙃 The last 3 day weekend with all the birthday celebrations, first time seeing many friends after over… Continue reading Do You Ever Half-Unplug? 🤔

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How often do YOU reset?!

I know for me weekends are typically a great time to reset, but when it becomes too much DOING and not enough BEING and resting, I need a much longer time to reset and getting out of town always does the trick for me! 🤩 Even though it wasn’t fully a chill and rest type… Continue reading How often do YOU reset?!

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Being Alone versus Lonely

Do you enjoy being alone? 🤔⁣Or do you get bored easily when alone not knowing what to do with yourself or even finding yourself constantly looking for distractions? 🧐⁣Self Love mastery is when one can spend time alone and enjoy the moment! 💁🏻‍♀️ When one FEELS lonely, it’s actually a sign you’re missing SELF LOVE… Continue reading Being Alone versus Lonely


Do You Worry? 😰

What do you worry about? Share in the comments below!👇🏼⁣Is what you worry about currently happening? 🤔 Consider when you worry you're actually using your thoughts to create ONE possibility in the future… 🤨⁣According to Abraham Hicks: "Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want."⁣I LOVE this because it's so right on!… Continue reading Do You Worry? 😰