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My Conception Journey

I am ready to be raw and share about our conception journey after yesterday’s consultation with the fertility center. ❤️‍🩹 After my last MRI in 2020 we started working on conceiving and I’ve made random little remarks in my posts regarding this, but haven’t been ready to fully share yet until now.⁣I never realized how… Continue reading My Conception Journey

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GROW Through What You GO Through! 💪🏼⁣

You KNOW I bought this shirt the moment I laid eyes on it! 😍⁣And of course there was only this one shirt that happened to be my size! 🦄💖💫 Click here to Schedule FREE Consultation We always have a choice! ⚖️⁣We can either choose to be victims of the circumstances we are dealt and continue… Continue reading GROW Through What You GO Through! 💪🏼⁣

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Do You Ever Half-Unplug? 🤔

Being an entrepreneur and doing what I do, sometimes it’s tough to unplug! Especially since majority of those that find me is through the World Wide Web and word of mouth of course, which I always appreciate! 🙃 The last 3 day weekend with all the birthday celebrations, first time seeing many friends after over… Continue reading Do You Ever Half-Unplug? 🤔

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How often do YOU reset?!

I know for me weekends are typically a great time to reset, but when it becomes too much DOING and not enough BEING and resting, I need a much longer time to reset and getting out of town always does the trick for me! 🤩 Even though it wasn’t fully a chill and rest type… Continue reading How often do YOU reset?!

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Being Alone versus Lonely

Do you enjoy being alone? 🤔⁣Or do you get bored easily when alone not knowing what to do with yourself or even finding yourself constantly looking for distractions? 🧐⁣Self Love mastery is when one can spend time alone and enjoy the moment! 💁🏻‍♀️ When one FEELS lonely, it’s actually a sign you’re missing SELF LOVE… Continue reading Being Alone versus Lonely