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Trigger Talk:✌🏼

Another trigger I noticed was when people worry about me or in general worry about others! 😧

I remember after everything I went through, my loved ones would worry about me constantly and I did NOT like that nor the energy of it…

I wouldn’t even allow anyone in my ICU room that was worried or concerned, all that was to be left at the door and I’d only allow those with feelings of LOVE to come see me. 💖

I get that our natural instinct and automatic response is to feel concern or worry about those we love, especially parents.

Not to say I don’t ever worry either…

Just the other day when it was dark out and Ashkan hadn’t returned from mountain biking I spiraled with all these thoughts within a few seconds! 😳

AND I caught myself immediately and instead began envisioning him in a bubble of LOVE surrounded by a violet flame! 💜❤️‍🔥💟

Also, when you constantly worry about someone, then they will become dishonest with you and not tell you anything anymore to protect you from worrying. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Even the instructor at the last 𝗣𝗦𝗬𝗖𝗛-𝗞® Advanced Workshop I attended confirmed this especially regarding parents who worry about their children, which then sends negative low frequency energy to their kids while also putting themselves in that low vibe state too. 😖

Worry falls under FEAR and it’s impacting both YOU and those you worry about. 😰

Besides, it’s disempowering as if saying the other person doesn’t have the ability or power to do something or take care of themselves. 😣

Instead, surround them with a love bubble, light, and even the violet flame, or prayers! 💟

This will both shift your energy to a much higher vibe AND the energy you send them. 🥰

For parents it’s easier said than done, especially when they’re young and as they grow, this is a great practice to take on! 😍

And if you continue to struggle with this, contact yours truly! 💁🏻‍♀️

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