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Fertility Coaching

Do you know why they say “let go and it shall be”? 🤔

⁣Especially when it comes to conceiving… 🤰🏻

Being attached to an outcome can hinder your chances bc when attached to something & constantly focusing on WHY it’s not happening, stress & anxiety can take over, releasing cortisol & creating a cycle of negative emotions in addition to stress. 😳

And this continues monthly with a two week waiting period! 🤪

This can be counterproductive, as your body goes into survival mode & may no longer be a safe place for a baby. 😣

Instead, consider surrendering to Divine Timing, while feeling & releasing your emotions and doing things that raise your vibe & spark joy. 🤩

It’s not easy, AND it’s possible!

As someone on a fertility journey, I know it can be an emotional rollercoaster. 🎢

And by working on myself and honoring, feeling & healing my emotions, I’ve been able to continue this journey with faith & NO doubt motherhood is a part of my path! ❤️‍🔥

Even when 3 pregnancy tests were negative, I allowed myself to feel the emotions, change my perception to peace & non-attachment with 𝗣𝗦𝗬𝗖𝗛-𝗞®, and then move forward with joy & gratitude. 😍🥹

I was even able to continue that afternoon with a consultation, client session, and our very first High Vibe Support Tribe monthly Zoom! 🥰

I was in limbo for a couple days until my cycle started when getting ready to go to a birthday, yet was able to enjoy myself & dance the night away knowing it wasn’t Divine Timing! 💃🏻

Remember, surrendering doesn’t mean giving up, it means trusting that everything will happen in Divine Timing.

WHAT IF you too could jump back up to high vibes within a couple days?! 🤯

⁣I am living proof it’s TRULY possible! 🤩

This journey has been 2.5+ years now and with ALL I’ve gone thru & learned, I know my next level of coaching is with women having fertility struggles AND committed to doing everything it takes to make it happen! 🤰🏻🤱🏻

I’m redirecting my focus to fertility coaching, but doesn’t mean I’m no longer working with others…

I work with ANYONE experiencing disharmony in ANY area of their life who is committed to being in harmony! 💁🏻‍♀️

Contact me!👇🏼

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