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Let it FLOW Baby…

I LOVE seeing my clients cry! 😭

Just ask them how much I encourage it and cheer for them when they do! 🙃

I know that sounds crazy AND it’s because of the culture that has been created around crying, which thankfully is being reversed. 🥰

Our nervous system goes into survival mode when a threat of some kind is experienced and the sympathetic nervous system is activated…

The body gets ready for fight or flight and at times when the emotion is really intense, there is a tear response for the energy to be purged.

This is why crying is healing… ❤️‍🩹

When you allow the tears to flow outwards instead of stuffing them inward & creating a lump in your throat, your cortisol levels begin to reduce as the energy within is released. 😭

This is our body’s nervous system self regulating, yet so many people block this process and stop themselves from crying unfortunately. 😔

You’d be surprised what a HUGE relief it is and how much more at peace you feel afterwards.

And this is why I get so happy and excited when clients cry and I really encourage them to feel their feelings, express themselves, and release, in order to HEAL! ❤️‍🩹

Tears flow from all kinds of emotions, not just sadness…

🥲 Tears of joy!
🥹 Tears of gratitude!
😂 Tears of laughter!
😅 Tears of love!
😓 Tears of pain!
😭 Tears of anger!

It’s salty water being released from our body that’s no different than sweat! 😥

So why all the judgment?! 🤨

Let it FLOW baby… LET IT FLOW! 😍
⁣ ⁣
When is the last time you let it ALL flow out of you? 😭😍

And if you struggle feeling your emotions, contact me to get that stuck energy in motion and released because as you know E-motion is just that: Energy in motion! 🙃👇🏼

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