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Entitlement is NOT a Birthright

NO ONE is entitled to anything in life… 🙅🏻‍♀️

Nor is it anyone’s responsibility to take care of another person other than those that bring a child into this world until they are able to take care of themselves as an adult. 👶🏻

Of course you can still be there for others and do things for them as long as it’s coming from your heart and not out of obligation. ❤️‍🔥

When you continue to do things for others out of obligation, you begin to lose yourself AND simultaneously build anger / resentment for that person or persons… 😡

And if it’s someone you love unconditionally, you may not even be aware of the resentment yet you continue to have intense reactions towards them, might show up as passive aggressiveness, or your behavior may even show up towards others! 😳

If you take a bottle and fill it up with rocks or sand, no matter what it will get filled up and eventually overflow…

Suppressed anger and resentment has been shown to create cancer within the body, so you’re only doing yourself harm by constantly making yourself last! 😱

It’s not SELFISH…


Besides, I know I wouldn’t want anyone doing anything for me out of obligation, that just feels icky. 🤢

So next time someone is acting entitled for you to do something for them, step back and notice your patterns with them…

It might be you having enabled them for a significant amount of years and it’s become habitual. 🤨

AND you can change your way of being by standing up for YOU in a loving & compassionate way of course! 🥰

Remember, you are only responsible for YOU (and kids if you any)! 🫵🏼

And Entitlement is NOT a birthright.

If you’re having difficulty with this and have lost yourself, then it’s time to contact me because this is a part of preventive health, which is just as essential, if not more! 💁🏻‍♀️👇🏼

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