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I have been listening to “How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself” by Joe Dispenza… rewinding parts multiple times and now writing about it, because this is how I ingrain what I listen to or read, otherwise it goes through one ear 👂🏼and out the other, making me not want to ever read or listen to audibles because they seem pointless in that case 😝

I like to dissect and analyze the work, really understand it in a way that it becomes part of my conversations and this audible has sooo many goodies that I think it’s going to take me months to get through 😂

I love science and when the woo world (Law of Attraction even) is explained in scientific terms, it excites me! 🤓 Especially for skeptics out there 😉

We are Energy with Consciousness:

According to quantum physics and the quantum model (and Einstein 🙃), MIND & MATTER are entangled:

Mind = Consciousness

Matter = Energy

Thus we are ENERGY with a CONSCIOUSNESS…


There is a sea of #InfinitePossibilities, and it’s a matter of ALIGNMENT to observe that which we desire… a matter of aligning our THOUGHTS & FEELINGS to observe the possibility we desire.

The #QuantumField responds to not what we WANT… it responds to who we are BEING.

The THOUGHTS we think send out #ElectricalWaves (an electrical charge) in the quantum field and our FEELINGS, the #MagneticCharge in the Quantum field, draws in from the sea of Infinite possibilities only when our EMOTIONS are in alignment with our THOUGHTS.

Our thoughts SEND out waves and our feelings PULL in, and just like a radio, the waves of our THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS must be on the same wavelength aka in alignment in order for manifestation to happen aka MAGIC!

How we think and how we feel determines our state of BEING thus our REALITY…

The question to consistently ask is:

What am I broadcasting consciously or unconsciously on a daily basis?


Without changing our #ElectroMagnetic signature, our way of being, our thoughts and feelings, we CANNOT create a new life… we CANNOT stay the same person and expect a new outcome…

To create a new reality, we must shift our energy and make an elemental change in our thoughts and emotions… a NEW state of BEING… by breaking the habit of being yourself and inventing a new version of YOU!

And it must come in the form of a Quantum SURPRISE and astonish us, catch us off guard rather than the typical routine reality we’re used to that’s predictable, in order for us to be inspired to do it again and again… Manifest over and over without predictions of HOW or WHEN!

Aligning our thoughts and feelings, having our MIND BODY SPIRIT working together, is the joy of the CREATIVE PROCESS!

We are CREATORS by this definition…

MANIFESTORS of our own Reality! 🦄💖💫

For instance:

If we have experienced suffering and we hold onto that and continue broadcasting suffering through our THOUGHTS & FEELINGS, projecting into the quantum field: I AM Suffering

The Universal intelligence responds and draws into our lives events that match the frequency of those thoughts and feelings… so when our state of BEING is SUFFERING, well then guess what experiences we’ll have?!

On the contrary, when we have THOUGHTS: I AM Healed & Healthy

And then consistently FEEL the emotions of gratitude for already being Healed and Healthy even in the face of tough physical circumstances (like when I had removed the #BrainTumor and was going through #chemo), guess what reality that’s in alignment with? 💖

It’s not easy at first, AND it’s possible! It’s first and foremost about BELIEVING and having faith it’s possible… and then a matter of constantly practicing, and bringing your MIND BODY SPIRIT in alignment and working together consciously rather than being on autopilot mode 🙇🏻‍♀️

It’s not a CAUSE & EFFECT, but rather CAUSING AN EFFECT… when we have the awareness of our patterns, this is when we inquire about our THOUGHTS & EMOTIONS and then begin shifting consciously until it becomes the NEW HABIT 💖

It’s not LOGICAL, it’s BEYOND our senses, so yes Quantum Physics IS nonsense 😜

If YOU or ANYONE you know are struggling with this, let’s chat! 💁🏻‍♀️🤙🏼🙋🏻‍♀️

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