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How Long Do I Work with a Coach or Healer? 🤔

I always get asked: “how long do you recommend working with you?” 🤔⁣This question, like any other question when it comes to MIND BODY SPIRIT, varies based on each individual. 👤⁣We each walk a unique path that NO ONE else has traveled nor will ever take the same footsteps…👣⁣Our experiences vary and the way we… Continue reading How Long Do I Work with a Coach or Healer? 🤔

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YOU Have Your Own Genie? 🧞‍♂️

Did you know YOU have your own personal Genie? 🧞‍♂️⁣Ask and you shall receive they say! 🧞‍♀️ We went for a bike ride yesterday evening and I had THREE manifestations within an hour! 🪄⁣As I was biking with Ashkan, I was hungry and mentioned how awesome would it be to stumble upon a fruit tree… Continue reading YOU Have Your Own Genie? 🧞‍♂️

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Relationships Are Mirrors 🪞

Did you know every relationship in your life can be viewed as a mirror to reflect back to you your conditioning and limiting beliefs when triggered? 🪞 Have you noticed how you see distinct patterns within yourself while around certain people? 🤔⁣How can different people create the same triggers then right? 🤨⁣So what if you… Continue reading Relationships Are Mirrors 🪞

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Your Energy Introduces YOU 💖💫

Did you know your energy introduces you before you do? 🤯 Your mindset determines your state of being, which then creates the frequency at which you vibrate! 💓⁣We are energy so how you’re BEING creates your VIBE, which is what’s sensed when you walk into a room! ❤️‍🔥 Take dogs for instance, they sense energy… Continue reading Your Energy Introduces YOU 💖💫

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Phoenix Rising! 🦅🔥

Let me tell you how special the month of August is for me! 🥰⁣During this month I always love reflecting & viewing memories from the last few years cuz this was THE month where my life changed forever… AND FOR THE BETTER! 🥰⁣Looking at Facebook memories this morning, photos from a sweet family friend’s wedding… Continue reading Phoenix Rising! 🦅🔥