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Do you allow UNCERTAINTY to control your life? 🤨

The more future visions you have, the more focused you become and life doesn’t feel as unpredictable…

Which then reduces the uncertainty in your life that may have you experience what’s so called “anxiety”. 😬

In other words anxiety is actually uncertainty you’re feeling, whether uncertain of how much you’re going to get done when you’ve overfilled your plate, or where you’re at in life because it’s not where you thought you’d be, or believing you are behind and not where you “should” be in this time of your life, or… 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anxiety is a word that’s thrown around a ton even amongst kids… 😳

Yet it’s a low vibration word and also disempowering, to the point that some feel debilitated! 😖

Once you work on focusing on the present moment and taking on that one next task towards your future vision, rather than spiraling in your thoughts or uncertainty of your future, you’ll notice those anxious feelings begin to dissipate! 🌀

So if you’re looking to be more present and focus on your future vision rather than uncertainty, consider scheduling a FREE Consultation with me:

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