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Manifest the Impossible! 🪄

Do you ever imagine the unimaginable and impossible? 🧐

I feel that ever since I was a kid I would imagine the impossible, which many of us do as children but then the imagination tends to slow down as we grow up…

Most of which I imagined have come ALIVE! 🥰

🐭 As a kid I was so obsessed with Tom & Jerry that I soo wished there was a channel that had the show running 24/7 without commercials and I could pause or rewind or skip anytime I wanted. 😂 and now that’s called streaming! 😍

📺 When flat screen TVs first came out before smart TVs I had the brilliant idea of hooking up my old desktop to it not knowing if it’ll work since I hadn’t seen it done before and VOILÀ! Just a few years later and look at where we are with Smart TVs! Beyond anything imaginable just 15 years ago! 🤩

🚘 Ever since I watched Total Recall in 1990, I envisioned a car driving me around even though people looked at me like I’m cray cray, 🤪 and now 31 years later and I have exactly what I envisioned! 🤯

What I love even more is how using the auto-steering is such a test in TRUST & needing CONTROL! 😜

At first I kept grabbing a hold of the steering wheel on the curves and it felt like I was on a rollercoaster… 🎢

As I gain more TRUST and let go of CONTROL, it feels AWESOME! 😍 And I don’t even have the self driving mode yet! 😝

I notice those that lack TRUST or have a need to CONTROL the autopilot mode freaks them out or they’re against it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

NOT ME THOUGH! Been envisioning this for too many years and can’t believe it’s actually happening! 🥳

And these are just a few of the unimaginable turned reality in my world off the top of my head! 🙃

ANYTHING is possible, if you can ENVISION it, there’s a possibility it will become reality! 🪄

Now when is teleporting happening? 🤔 I mean we’re all molecules and waves of energy right? 😎

If you feel stuck and could benefit from guidance on manifesting and HEALing the unimaginable, book a connection session with me!👇🏼

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