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COM·MIT·MENT / kəˈmitmənt/



💫 the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

When you are COMMITTED, you dedicate yourself to that cause or activity or etc. no matter WHAT or WHERE you go! 💪🏼

I’m celebrating being halfway done with the intense Ayurveda Detox Diet on day 14, especially while traveling to Colorado for a wedding! 💒

I even brought frozen soup with me! 🥣😝

Frozen Mung Soup 🥣

I have not been 💯% but pretty damn close! 🥰

On occasion I indulge in almond butter, which is something I can eat, and I may eat a bit more than what I’m supposed to. 🙈

And that’s ok, because I’ve been probably 98% otherwise! 😍

I’m grateful to my dear sista since childhood for also having bought multiple items to support me before she leaps into Ayurveda with my! 🥰

When you focus on your WHY and it’s that important to you, YOU WILL COMMIT NO MATTER WHAT! 🦸🏻‍♀️

Are you have trouble staying committed especially with all the summer fun and vacays? 🌞

Then contact me! I’ve mastered COMMITMENT at this point and empower my clients to discover their deep desire to commit! 🧠💖💫

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