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We Are Always UP Leveling! ⬆️

We’re always #LevelingUp, whether we take the elevator route straight UP ⬆️ by following our intuition consistently OR the Zig Zag 📈route when choosing outside of intuition… because we have FREE WILL!

Either path, we’re still UP leveling and what’s wonderful about the Zig Zag / FREE WILL route is we have more opportunity to learn on the way up by constantly seeking for the GIFT when life doesn’t go as planned 💝

I’ve definitely had ALL kinds of Zig Zagz 📈 throughout my life since I wasn’t even aware of my intuition for most of it until just 5 years ago 😳

I do wish we were taught how to connect to our #InnerGuide as kids because we ALL have that #InnerVoice, our intuition, which is a HUGE part of us that gets shut down with all the rules and “do’s & don’ts” and “good & bad / right & wrongs” during childhood 🤷🏻‍♀️

AND I am grateful for the Zig Zag path because it has provided me the GIFT of relatability with SO many others I cross paths with allowing me to connect immediately and even have deep conversations with those that are open! 🥰

With every single not so great experience in life, I now realize they each have provided me the opportunity to easily connect with many more people of all types of past experiences, cultures, backgrounds, etc… If I cannot connect with someone, it shocks me quite honestly 😱

I see myself as a chameleon, someone that adapts to their environment with EASE and AUTHENTICITY of course, not being fake and changing oneself to “fit in”, but rather being able to authentically connect with another from #HeartSpace🦎

And on that Zig Zag path I’ve learned SO much and can finally say I have NO REGRET! 🙅🏻‍♀️ I’m fully aware I wouldn’t be ME today had it not been for ALL the choices I’ve made and experiences I’ve had 🤩

And I LOVE ME! 💁🏻‍♀️

REGRET falls into the GUILT & SHAME #LowFrequency, keeping our energy and vibe low and dense 😣

Are you able to say you have NO REGRETS even with all the FREE WILL choices you’ve made in the past, no matter the outcome? 🤔

Comment below either way! If you regret something, share that too! Sharing is the 1st step of releasing that GUILT & SHAME that lives within you 👇🏼


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