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There is a Balance to EVERYTHING in Life ⚖️

There is a balance ⚖️ to EVERYTHING in life, and when we’re out of balance, our body will let us know with at first whisper-like symptoms until our body begins to scream in pain 😖

I’ve recently come to the realization that I’ve been overdoing it with volleyball 🙈 there’s a fine line between pushing yourself and overdoing it and that line is determined by our intuition, so when we don’t listen to our intuition and body, certain pain points begin to surface…

Everything can be overdone, including things that are healthy for us… Like working out too much or even drinking water‼️ I remember back in college seeing on the news that a couple of students drowned themselves from drinking too much water 😳 granted they were on ecstasy, but still! Who would’ve known drinking too much water can cause one to drown from the inside 😱

As much as I LOVE Volleyball and always say I’m a #VolleyballAddict, that term in itself is a clue: ADDICT, defined as “abuser”…

I’ve been playing 4-5 times a week, sometimes 6 and each time minimum of 6 games, sometimes 10 or 11, anywhere from 2.5hrs to 4+ hrs at times! 😍😳 And we’re talking beach doubles volleyball btw, which is quite strenuous 😝

Now of course everyone’s body differs, AND I can tell I’m no longer pushing myself but rather overdoing it and even going against my intuition at times 🙈

Interestingly enough my #NaturalPathDoctor had prescribed me 3-5 #VigorousWorkouts a week back when I finished #chemotherapy for health reasons… well I’ve definitely surpassed that and then some because I’m sure when he mentioned the 3-5 times he was referring to 1hr each time 😝

As much as it’s #MyHappyPlace❤️, brings me so much joy, grounds me being barefoot 👣 on the sand, #RaisesMyVibe being by the ocean 🌊, a place of connection and community, and even a place of release (because I scream and curse quite a bit out there 🙉😂), I do realize it’s 💯 #MasculineEnergy… as is any sport 🏐 for that matter… which means we need to balance with #FeminineEnergy just as much, going internal and resting, allowing the body to repair itself to minimize any injuries ☯️ A balance of both energies is when we feel harmonious within ☮️

When we don’t keep that balance, the body begins to speak up and mine has been doing so for awhile now, even with all the massages, chiropractic, acupuncture, epsom salt baths, stretches, and #PerformanceNutrition support…

I’ve also been told that I most likely have #AdrenalFatigue… this is why I always coach my Isagenix customers to take their #StressManagement botanical POST workout as well, even if they don’t have mental or emotional stress because when we workout HARD, our body releases a ton of cortisol and adrenaline, which then puts the body into fight or flight mode, yet I didn’t take my own coaching 🤦🏻‍♀️

And to top that off, caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands, producing adrenaline and cortisol too! Which too creates even more excess stress on the body that can lead more to adrenal fatigue, heartburn, and even gut issues 😣 This was news for me… and I didn’t realize how much caffeine I was having, but apparently #Matcha has really high caffeine content AND on my #VolleyballDays I would have coffee on top of that and sometimes even one of my #HealthyEnergyDrinks 😳 which I’ve now been recommended to cut ALL of it out other than the occasional black tea ☕️ YES, I too was surprised to hear it has less caffeine than green tea 🤷🏻‍♀️🍵

Now as sad as it was to reduce the amount I play and cut out caffeine, I need to listen to #MyIntuition and body… It’s time to give my body the proper rest she needs for something that’s even more important to me and that’s my #AdrenalHealth 💪🏼

AND thanks to my baby joon for my birthday present, the #Peloton has arrived at perfect timing because I live that #MagicalLifestyle and when in alignment… synchronicities become the norm 🦄💖💫

Each person’s body differs and what may seem like too much or too little for one person, may be just right for another, so no need to follow any particular rules… just tune into your body, listen to your intuition, and checkin to see if you’re pushing yourself or overdoing it 🏋🏻‍♀️

And if you have pain that doesn’t subside, consider giving your body or that particular area of your body that’s in pain a break to repair so you can enjoy what you love with minimal to no pain! 🥰

If YOU or ANYONE you know are struggling with this, schedule a FREE #CONSULTATION with me to learn more:

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