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Did You Know We ALL Have Triggers?! 🤨

Some stay silent and suffer through their triggers, some runaway, others react and say whatever comes out of their mouths not remembering half of it later, or throw things and punch walls, or abuse their significant other, or even worse are those that take a weapon and do damage beyond repair. 🔪🩸😔

A trigger is a trigger, we ALL have them and we each can CHOOSE to either react in the moment OR recognize them and walk away until we cool down to talk again from our Higher Self.

We have certain traumatic experiences at some point in our life, most likely childhood, and with that traumatic event, the brain often ingrains sensory stimuli into memory so when a person encounters the same stimuli in another context, they associate the triggers with the trauma. In some cases, a sensory trigger can cause an emotional reaction before a person realizes why they are upset, which can be disrupted through awareness and practice before explosion mode. 😤

Then with this limiting belief and trigger, we attract various scenarios into our life that bring about the same trigger until the trigger is viewed as a GIFT to guide us to HEAL that layer, IF one chooses to do so.
⁣ ⁣
Your TRIGGERS reveal what needs HEALing! 🧠💖💫

For instance, feelings of being unheard or “my voice doesn’t matter” may create more instances and people that will have you feel those feelings…

By running away from such experiences will also make no difference because unless you HEAL that trigger, you will continue to attract circumstances and people reliving that same pattern.

Triggers may not go away 100% either, since we are human and have memories, BUT we can at least recognize the patterns, disrupt them before we REACT, and HEAL that layer! 🥰

The key is to have awareness and take responsibility for each trigger you have rather than blame others or try to change THEM.

Remember, the person that is triggering you ALSO has triggers possibly similar to yours or the total opposite making it more difficult to relate to.

I had a trigger of being called stupid or made fun of since 5th grade. I was quite curious as a kid and ALWAYS asked tons of questions, possibly too many 😝 and one day my 5th grade teacher came to my desk, which was shared with other students…

We had a square table with 2 students on each side. Ms. Parson comes to my side to answer my question and her response: “OMG Anuschka how did you make it to the 5th grade?!”, which caused the other kids around the table and even behind me I’m sure to burst out in laughter! 😳

As you can imagine, sooo many life decisions were made just from that ONE moment 🤦🏻‍♀️ which I wouldn’t take back because of who I am today!

About 6 years ago I discovered ALL the triggers around just this ONE incident and how I would react so defensively even if someone was jokingly calling me stupid! 🙈

Now I recognize this one and chuckle, I have no emotional reaction to it. 😍

That doesn’t mean I don’t have other triggers. I’m constantly working to HEAL the next layer. A couple new layers have surfaced recently and I’m becoming more aware of them, next is to begin disrupting my reaction since my self defense mechanism is typically FIGHT, rather than FLIGHT or FREEZE! 🙃

It’s also one of the first exercises I have my clients work on. Triggers and patterns take away our peace of mind and bring us to a lower vibe, so it’s crucial to discover yours!

What’s YOUR defense mechanism? This awareness alone can open up your eyes to patterns in your life! 🤩 Share in the comments👇🏼
I’m excited to be developing a program that includes all of the above and MORE for you to MASTER YOU at 50% OFF the first round! 🥰

Email me “I’m in!” If you’re interested to learn more! 🧠💖💫


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