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Healthy Competition to Strive and THRIVE Together!

Have you ever felt GOOD when comparing yourself to someone you see as THRIVING “more” than you in their life? 🤨
Compassion and Competition are both necessary, BUT not what YOU know as competition…

According to @brucelipton, the original definition of competition is to “strive together”! 🫂

It’s a HEALTHY competition where you may compete to get to your best self WITHOUT comparing, belittling, or worse envying others and rather praising and celebrating their accomplishments! 🥳

As humans, we have that competitive side to us, it’s part of our human nature, and if we were to shift that by bringing in COMPASSION, we’d ALL be striving and thriving together rather than against one another! 💖

And we’d all WIN as one! Because let’s face it, there’s an ABUNDANCE of everything on this planet! We just have to open our eyes and minds to see it. 😍
Comparison from a place of ME against YOU on the other hand puts a bubble around you making you solo and alone in competition with others rather than in competition to strive TOGETHER, creating a low vibe within you! 😣
We’re on our separate paths and our souls’ purpose varies from those next to you! 🔮

When you see that each person is in your life for you to learn SOMETHING from whatever that may be while being happy for what THEY have going on, life becomes so much more enjoyable and YOU become more aligned with your soul’s purpose as well as closer to what you’d like to manifest! 🪄
The person to be comparing yourself to is who YOU were yesterday and consider asking yourself:
Am I 1% better version of myself today than yesterday? 😉

Looking back at myself 9 years ago in 2012 when I had declared to move to San Diego, even with all my strengths and ambitions to move within a year and taking care of ALL that needed to be taken care of, in hindsight I still had LOTS to shift and heal from! 😳

That version of me, bangs and all, would not recognize me today! Back then I had yet to discover that even with some growth and awakening, I was still on autopilot more so than not and had many blindspots yet to be unblocked! 😍

So take a look and see who you consider competition and compare yourself to? Are you competing for BOTH of you to win and strive together OR just looking out for you? 🤔

Then notice your FEELINGS when thinking about this? Are they LOVE, JOY, or PEACEFUL feelings? 🧐
If not, then consider shifting your views on competition and seeking how can you BOTH win by striving and HIGH VIBING together?! 🧠💖💫

What can YOU take on to strive & THRIVE together with those around you? Share in comments👇🏼 and tag those you THRIVE with! 😍

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