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Physical Pain Eases Emotional Pain?

Did you know that physical pain eases emotional pain? 🤔

⁣I remember in my early 20s food would be my go to for comfort, as many others I’m sure!⁣ 🙈

Food makes us feel good! 😍

⁣Food gives us temporary fulfillment while we stuff our face and bury our sorrows in a delicious bite of Nutella, my personal favorite for YEARS that I’d eat spoonful’s at a time. 😳

And then I’d begin to notice I’d eat so much that I would begin to feel physical pain in my stomach from being overly stuffed that I no longer felt the emotional pain! 😖

Physical pain is an easier pain to handle for many, which is why sadly there are those that do themselves harm just to relieve themselves of the emotional excruciating pain they feel. 😞

This was my version of self-sabotage and I’m so thankful for the shifts and transformations I’ve had to recognize such behaviors! 🥲

⁣I’m also super grateful for all the tools I’ve learned, such as Intuitive eating and feeling the FEELS, which have allowed me to heal and release emotions in a timely manner without self sabotaging myself. 😍

Do you comfort eat? Share your comfort food in the comments!👇🏼

AND share a healthier option you can replace it with! My healthy choices now are nuts and almond butter! 😋

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