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What We See in Our Minds Becomes Our Reality! 🪄

Have you ever thought about how we see ourselves the least throughout the day, yet are with ourselves the most? 🤔
This came to mind a few days ago when I looked myself in the mirror and saw this popped blood vessel in my eye, no concern of course and I know it’ll heal soon! 👁

I keep forgetting about it until I look in the mirror or someone brings it to my attention. 😳
So then to go deeper, I realized we DON’T visualize ourselves as our present selves, but rather have an image of ourselves already in mind…
In that case no matter what we look on the outside, the image within our minds differs!

This gives us the opportunity to envision ourselves exactly how we desire, wearing our favorite clothes and accessories, vibing HIGH with a smile while on cloud 9, and LOVING ourselves exactly as we are! 🥰
What we see in our minds becomes our reality! 🪄

So tell me, when reading that visualization paragraph, what came to YOUR mind? Describe your HIGH VIBING self in the comments 👇🏼 and as a bonus, find your favorite picture of YOU and begin seeing yourself as that when you visualize yourself! 😍

And if you’re looking to continue shifting your self image and creating SELF LOVE within a HIGH VIBING LOVE bubble, add a heart to your HIGH VIBING self description! 💖👇🏼

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