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Triggers are GIFTS 💝

Yesterday I was triggered, big time! 🤬

AND I noticed a HUGE transformation and growth in myself through it! 🤩

It is crucial to get to know yourself:

💫 What your triggers are…
💫 What gets under your skin or pushes your buttons…
💫 What your self defense mechanism is…
💫 Do you ATTACK (fight), QUIT (flight), or SUFFER (freeze)?
💫 Do you victimize yourself and act as if life is happening TO you rather than taking responsibility for your life and see how life is happening FOR you?

When you get to know yourself, you’re able to stop yourself BEFORE reacting and recognize the triggers… And THEN interact with FACTS rather than emotions and righteous stories!
I still get triggered when people feel entitled to something that I provide, as if it’s my responsibility to provide that special treatment rather than being grateful for what I’ve provided, which makes me feel taken advantage of (another trigger) AND I recognized that yesterday! 🙌🏼

My self defense mechanism is ATTACK! Many times I used to have outbursts and words would burst out without me thinking of it even, it’s hard to explain! And then id shock myself 😳 So yes, the old me would have gone ATTACK mode, blaming and pointing fingers, being super emotional in my interaction ➡️ BEING REACTIVE!

Instead, I took a step back and allowed for my emotions to process and yes it took me out yesterday, drained me to the point that I had to make it a rest day. And yes, I did react a bit because I still have more transforming and HEALing to do, as we all do!

We’re constantly growing and HEALing until the day we die!

AND I’m still proud to have mainly come from FACTS rather than emotions, spoken my truth, and FULLY expressed myself from an authentic place while being direct.
Everything that triggers us is a sign that the next layer of HEALing needs to be done and when we see the world as a mirror 🪞and triggers as a GIFT, we’re able to HEAL from past wounds and level up! 💖💫

Transformation and HEALing takes work and commitment. It takes CHOOSING outside of the autopilot way of being to stop REACTING and instead taking action towards a future vision.

It’s no different building those emotional muscles as it is building physical ones: Commitment, Consistency, Choice, and ACTION! 💪🏼

Once you allow yourself to feel the feelings and process the emotions, it’s key to do something that will raise your vibration! 💖💫

Another reason why I’m SO excited to launch my soon to come HIGH VIBE SUPPORT TRIBE, where I’ll be sharing tools on how to RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY! 🤩
Comment “I’m in” and I’ll send you the link to join! 💫

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