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How Long Do I Work with a Coach or Healer? 🤔

I always get asked: “how long do you recommend working with you?” 🤔

This question, like any other question when it comes to MIND BODY SPIRIT, varies based on each individual. 👤

We each walk a unique path that NO ONE else has traveled nor will ever take the same footsteps…👣

Our experiences vary and the way we perceive the same experience even varies… 👀

So to give the same amount of time for each person may not make sense… ⏲

I know people that have been working with their coach for over 5 years and some no more than a month! 🤷🏻‍♀️

No amount of time is “GOOD” or “BAD”, “RIGHT” or “WRONG”, but the question really is: what amount of time benefits YOU?” 💖

I personally have had some type of coach or mentor or been part of a self development program for 6.5+ years now! 😍

Those up to BIG things in life and wanting to constantly HEAL and grow typically do. ✨

And I do have a structured time with the Group Self Empowerment & HEALing Mastery starting on 9.23.2021, which is a 3 month journey!

The value packed Group Mastery includes weekly video sessions AND has modules filled with many tools and exercises to have you Master YOUR life with EASE and I KNOW it will be a life changer for those joining! 😍

Otherwise, the time I work with one on one private clients is customized to meet each individual’s needs and today I am celebrating a client that’s been working with me for 3 years now as of this week! 🥳


Shannon started out with her ego being the driver of her vessel while her higher self sat in the back seat taking a ride…

Her autopilot survival mechanisms were running the show having her even think that sleeping was a waste of time! 😱

And now Shannon is creating BALANCE in all areas of her life, constantly recognizing when her SMs are in the driver seat, disrupting them, and choosing from her core ESSENCE even when she’s uncomfortable! 🥰

I get so excited to see such messages (swipe 👉🏼) and am so proud of how much Shannon has invested in herself and continues to choose HEALing and growth over and over again! ❤️‍🩹💫

Who’s next? 🤩 Schedule a FREE Consultation for the Group Mastery details!👇🏼

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