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Are You a Planner or Spontaneous?

Are you a planner or spontaneously go through your days? 🤔

For me personally it’s all about the 80 / 20 balance yet again! 🥰

I plan my days in advance 80% of the time in my calendar with various colors so my calendar runs my life while I’m in charge of shifting schedules around when necessary or when intuition says so. 💁🏻‍♀️
The other 20% when I don’t have set plans, or when intuitively I feel forced to do one of my planned calendar items, I am spontaneous! 🥰

I believe in having structure because without some type of plan in place, how can one move towards any set intentions and goals in life? 🤨

Plans and structure provide discipline to take necessary INSPIRED actions while focusing on that ONE NEXT THING moment by moment, rather than focusing on the BIG picture and getting “overwhelmed”! 😳

Structure is definitely masculine energy so to balance it, following intuition is key. ✨

Although my calendar is full of all types of events, I only follow through when INSPIRED and not FORCED because that’s when everything flows with EASE! 🥰

When taking FORCED action, it’s like going upstream against the river current whereas INSPIRED action is going downstream WITH the current… FLOWING! 😍

Following your Intuition balances the structured masculine energy with feminine energy. ☯️

And when I’m on vacation it’s the exact opposite! 🙃

I prefer to be spontaneous 80% of the time and plan for site seeings, etc only 20%, but for the most part go with the flow of intuition and see where it takes me! 🤩

And let me tell ya, ever since I shifted how I vacation, not only does it feel like an actual vacation because it’s not go go go, but I’ve seen tons of places randomly AND don’t feel disappointed if I missed ONE site seeing spot as I used to. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Do you plan your days in advance or struggle with it? If the latter, consider scheduling a FREE Consultation with me to learn about the newly launched MIND BODY SPIRIT HEALing Mastery Program where you get tools to create such balance! ⚖️👇🏼

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