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Do YOU Make Empty Promises?

Do you make Empty Promises just to look good in front of others? 🤔

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I know I used to be the YES girl, always said YES to support my friends or family and I’d even sometimes overbook myself! 😳

Other times I’d just be EXHAUSTED because all my time became dedicated to others and I was always last. 😒

I’ve come to realize that when we come from SELF first, connect to our heart and NOT obligation or trying to look good, or be a people pleaser, then we are able to make REAL promises and SHOW UP for those we really love and want to support them! 🫂
When you just SAY I’m there for you just to say it but not actually take the ACTIONS, what’s the point 🤨 it’s just empty, meaningless words that not only have others see you as someone they can’t count on who doesn’t keep their word and is “flaky”, but also it actually brings YOUR vibe down because deep down, whether conscious or not, a part of you knows you made an empty promise and that in itself will lower your vibe, down to GUILT or SHAME even. 🤷🏻‍♀️

There is NOTHING wrong with saying NO when it’s not in alignment with you and your heart and that can easily be done from a LOVE & COMPASSION space. 💖💫

So next time you say YES without thinking about it first, ask yourself: is this in alignment with my heart OR am I feeling obligated? 🤔

We’re not here to look good for others or to prove ourselves, yet with limiting beliefs created from childhood this happens to many of us!

A healthy relationship starts with SELF first, otherwise there will always be struggles and complaints of others, and even worst resentment!

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