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How do you expect to catch fish without throwing out a fishing rod? 🎣

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Do you NOT take the next first step towards your dreams out of fear of failure or having it not go your way? 🤨
Did you fall multiples times before you started walking? 👶🏻

Do you remember when you started to ride a bike how off balance you were at first? 🚴🏻‍♀️

How about driving? You didn’t get in the car and within the 1st hour start flying full speed on the highway? 🛣⁣

I can go on and on about what was super uncomfortable before you didn’t know what you know now on autopilot, because there are MANY more examples in just YOUR life alone!

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Without taking risks towards your dreams and getting uncomfortable you won’t really be living life to the fullest, but rather a comfortable autopilot life waiting for the day to be taken off this planet! 🌎
So next time you’re not making the move towards your dreams or even your HEALTH, ask yourself this:
💫 WHY am I not taking that step?
💫 What’s stopping me?
💫 Do you I REALLY want this?
💫 What’s the WORST that can happen? Am I going to die? 🤨
💫 What’s the BEST that can happen?

And then take that LEAP to FEEL ALIVE because all those feelings inside whether excitement or nervousness, it’s ALL the same and without those feelings, how else would you FEEL aliveness? 😉

When we take a step forward and have HIGH VIBES, no matter how it goes on the other side we’ve stepped into our next level future self and in the worst case we’ve gained a new experience…

As they say, every master was once a disaster so take that LEAP and throw out your fishing rod! You’ll never know if you’ll catch that next fish without taking action! 😜

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