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Have You Ever Broken Up With Your Old Plans? 🤔

Have you ever broken up with your plans you created years ago? 🤔

Sometimes you gotta breakup with your old plans and create newly from the evolved NEW YOU! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Profound messages tend to come through while working with clients and most recently I shared with a client that it’s ALL GOOD to break up with what you once thought was a DREAM because as we grow, our plans and DREAMS grow with us and even EVOLVE! 😍

Some of us get stuck on a plan from years ago even though we’ve evolved passed that plan and it no longer serves us, yet because we gave a word to ourselves (or others), it seems that we HAVE to pursue it… 😒

⁣I always say do that which inspires you, take INSPIRED action, NOT forced action… because when a plan starts to feel like an obligation, it becomes forced and no longer from your heart space that created the plan…

And guess what?! You can breakup with your plans and make NEW plans that are aligned with who you are in the NOW rather than who you were then!

When we have infinite possibilities and no limits, plans WILL change because we constantly come across something better and more fitting…

This doesn’t mean don’t have dreams and plans, but rather don’t be ATTACHED to those dreams and plans!

I’m proud of my client who has now shifted her plans and evolved her dreams! 🥰

When you stay HIGH VIBE and in LOVE frequency, it’s inevitable that your dreams evolve and more opportunities towards bigger dreams show up! 🤩 And this is one of many reasons why I created a NEW community: HIGH VIBE SUPPORT TRIBE! 💖💫
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