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Everything is ENERGY! 💫

Lately I’ve been realizing how essential it has been to be fully aware of my thoughts with all that’s been happening in my world recently and I’m #SoGrateful everything has been working out magically so far!🦄💖💫

Our thoughts and feelings, including everything in our #subconscious, transmit a vibration out into our #EnergeticField and thus the Universe, and that vibration creates our reality! 🤯

#CreationFrequency happens when we ALIGN and MATCH our vibration to that which we desire to create in life 🥰

⁣The higher our frequency / energy / vibration, the lighter we feel in our #PhysicalBody, Emotional / #EnergeticBody, & #MentalBody 😍

The higher our frequency / energy / vibration, the more we experience empowerment, clarity, peace, love, and joy, which thus allows for little if any discomfort or pain experienced in our physical body and our emotions are easily dealt with 😭

Although due to #HumanNature, we will experience those highs and lows of frequency, the key is to feel the FEELS and NOT ignore or suppress the emotions, but rather FEEL them in order to RELEASE them, and then RAISE that frequency to yet again get back in alignment with OUR #HigherSelf 🦸🏻‍♀️

THIS is how the Universe works… It’s what’s so ✨

The #LawOfAttraction is as powerful as the #LawOfGravity, whether you believe it or not 🦄💖💫

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