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Who isn’t Looking for Extra Side Income? 🤔

I have been an #Entrepreneur at heart ♥️ as long as I can remember 👩🏻‍💼

I’ve also ALWAYS loved sharing what I’m passionate about and what’s made a difference for me with others, so naturally I’ve been a #NetworkMarketer all my life really 😆

Even during my corporate days as a consultant 👩🏻‍💻 I was always searching for other #StreamsOfIncome and #SupplementalIncome 💰

I’ve also had 5 #RentalProperties at a time, and managed an additional 4 or 5 back in Colorado for that #ResidualIncome 💁🏻‍♀️

And today we continue to book out our #AirBnbStudio regularly 🏡

This mentality is what had me open up my skeptic mind to #NetworkMarketing to begin with even though I had a bad experience in my early 20s with what WAS an actual #PyramidScheme (which are illegal btw 😉) and when you look at the corporate model, THAT is more of a pyramid than Network Marketing from what I’ve discovered 🤷🏻‍♀️

Corporate World

In today’s world where #JobSecurity seems to be few and far between, it feels icky to no longer share about these opportunities ESPECIALLY during these tough times where so many are out of work and even more so with all the talk about HEALTH in this pandemic 🥰

For those of you that were like the past skeptic me, I invite you to consider having an open mind 💖
As my dear friend Nicki who had a scare recently of possibly being laid off so graciously put it, many of these companies offer quality products and services that cannot be found in mainstream or retail channels 😳

Simply put, #DirectSalesCompanies skip the middleman and advertising in order to provide opportunities that allow people like you and me to earn #ReferralBonuses and more where the #SkyIsTheLimit really based on their own efforts 🤩

As many of you have seen, I’ve been using Isagenix products for 5+ years now and as I always say, I jumped in to #LoseWeight and then stayed for the #HealthBenefits during chemo since there were days I couldn’t keep ANYTHING else down or days where eating any other food would make my entire belly hurt SO bad that I’d be curled up in a ball for hours 😣

Thankfully, since I had shared my #Transformation journey since the beginning (as uncomfortable as it was at first 🙈), and others have continued to hop on since, it’s allowed me to not only have my products paid for, but also earn extra #PassiveIncome 🤑 which is the opportunity that’s available for ANYONE that starts as a customer first… ONLY if they choose to do so of course, NO PRESSURE, but who doesn’t want additional income 🤷🏻‍♀️ the products speak for themselves and they continue upgrading them and blowing my mind scientifically 🤯⁣

Then last year in 2019, I was introduced to what’s considered #Phototherapy & #EnergyMedicine 😍 and if you know me, I’m ALL about anything Energy related 💫 and I stay away from pharmaceuticals as much as possible unless my intuition is a YES like it was for #chemo 💖

Even though my intuition was a YES with LifeWave from the beginning, especially since they had just launched their #StemCell patches (X39), it took me a good 8 months to do the research and make sure timing was right before I ordered 🕰

So earlier this year, I ordered during a promotion right before the lockdown hit thankfully! 😍
I’ve already noticed great results for not only myself, but seen it in others too, including a HUGE gash Ashkan got on his shin that probably needed stitches 😳 and made me super nauseous 🤢
Within 2-3 days these what I call MAGICAL patches that look like those round bandaids 🩹 healed the gash and stitches were no longer necessary, which even had two of our nurse👩‍⚕️ friends quite surprised! 🤯

The company itself and other patches have been around since 2004, the X39 is what’s been blowing people’s minds the most and what’s so fascinating scientifically 🧪 is they use our body’s natural #InfraredLight! 🤓

For those of you curious about the science 🧫 like myself, these patches contain all organic material that give off a frequency when activated on our skin, and depending on the size of the #NanoCrystals in each patch, they will produce different wavelengths of light, creating a different chemical change in the body and activating the patch and stimulates our body to produce more of its own natural peptides such as the GHK-CU peptide that’s known to activate the body’s Stem Cell generation 🧬⁣

There are also specific patches for pain that clear blocked energy (Qi), support and boost the immune system, repair muscle tissue, anti-inflammatory, Energy, Sleep, and more! I even saw a picture of David Beckham using the one for Performance & Energy 🤩

And then my most recent discovery, which launched in the US just this last May of 2020, originated in Germany, has blown my mind! 🤯 It’s a device that sends our body & cells the exact #BioFrequencies needed via #QuantumAnalysis 🥰💖💫

I LOVE that I can use this #HealyDevice remotely with my clients and check their Aura and send them the frequency their body is asking for through the #QuantumField 🦄🧚🏻‍♀️
It’s unfortunate the bad rep #NetworkMarketing and #DirectSales has gotten, but thankfully that no longer stops me from sharing what I LOVE with others, especially with how conscious I am about #HealthFirst AND when my intuition is a YES! 🦄💖💫

I’m all about shifting mindsets around it (like my old skeptic self shifted), squashing those “#PyramidScheme” stigmas that still exist 🤦🏻‍♀️ which tend to devalue such AMAZING products that wouldn’t be in my life without friends who care and I’m #SoGrateful for Rachael, Michelle, and Nicki who chose to share their stories with me 🥰 so of course after my intuition was a YES and seeing all the #HealthBenefits of each, I jumped in knowing I’ll have a #SupportSystem I can count on! 😍
And why would you NOT want to support your own family or friends anyway AND get actual support from them when using the products from these companies they obviously trust rather than getting it from the store 🤨⁣

If any or all of these resonate, whether as a product user (because there are WAY more of those anyway and NO ONE has to do the business side) OR curious about the opportunity especially right now with so many being laid off and uncertain of what to do for their #livelihood OR you’re like me and would love some of that #SideIncome that pays you to get healthy, check out my links below:⁣⁣

⁣AND since these are all #PreventiveHealth and not getting to the source of what you may be dealing with, if you or anyone you know are have any #HealthStruggles or wanting to prevent any, let’s chat! 💁🏻‍♀️🤙🏼🙋🏻‍♀️

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