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The Energy and Tone of Our Words

On a recent #ClientSession I was making an analogy: we have 3 words that imply “sit” in #Farsi, but all have a different tone:

1️⃣ Betamarg = Sit your A$$ down
2️⃣ Beshin = Sit
3️⃣ Befarma = Please have a seat

They all have the same meaning technically, although different words and of course a different tone with each…

AND we could use the SAME WORD, yet change the TONE and ENERGY behind it to reflect those up above:

1️⃣ Sit (yelling with an angry / serious face) 😡
2️⃣ Sit (neutral energy, no emotions, almost robotic) 🤖
3️⃣ Sit (with a big smile, almost like singing) 🎶

None of which can be conveyed in any written form because we CANNOT hear, see, or feel the one on the other end…

To truly step into our #AuthenticSelf and power, having such conversations are best to have in person, providing the space to have a deeper connection with another 💖

Consider taking this on in all your relationships and avoid texting or emailing your issues, but rather have a direct, self expressed, uncomfortable conversation while speaking your truth from a LOVING space 3️⃣ and see the difference it makes in your life! 🫂

Yes, it’s not always EASY… and it can be UNCOMFORTABLE…

1️⃣ still gets exposed for me at times 🙊 Thankfully FAR less than before with all the deep, painful #ShadowWork and #EnergyHealings I’ve done 🥰 because I’m committed to choosing HEALTH & HEALING over and over again 😍 1% better daily baby! 🙌🏼

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