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We Hold onto ISSUES within our TISSUES!

Yes, we can do ALL the #Mindset and Body work to transform and shift, change our thoughts and eating habits, yet there still may be Energy Blocks we’re unaware of! 😳

That’s where #EnergyHealing comes in to clear and release Trapped Emotions and hidden Energetic Blocks holding us back! 💫

I’ve noticed AMAZING shifts within myself by getting #EnergyWork done, it was a HUGE part of my Healing Journey after being diagnosed with the Stage 4 #GBM #BrainTumor in 2017…

Yes, I did conventional treatments based on my intuition, AND on top of that I took on all kinds of non-conventional, alternative, holistic treatments as well to HEAL and balance my MIND BODY SPIRIT from all angles! 🧠💖💫

Now I Empower Committed Souls dealing with Health struggles to HEAL their MIND BODY SPIRIT so that they can live life to the fullest in the face of any circumstance! 💖💫

Whether you could benefit from my ALL HEALING Package, which includes #EmpowermentCoaching and #HealthCoaching as well as #EnergyHealing…


if you prefer the #EnergyHealings package options (DM for details)! I’ve witnessed AMAZING shifts in my clients with the main modality I use and have evolved: #EmotionCode healing. 💫

Although I’m also a #ReikiPractitioner and run #AccessBars, I am currently limited in availability, but you can always check with me! 💖

If you’re curious to find out more, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with me:

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