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Have you heard the saying “Hope for the BEST but EXPECT the worst”? 🤨

I used to live by this years ago before all my #PersonalTransformation and #SelfDevelopmentJourney, thinking THIS was the best way to live! 😱

Whereas now I see so clearly how living that way was a total protection mechanism for me to avoid that feeling of disappointment 😣 and actually by expecting the WORST, we end up creating exactly that! 😳

Through my journey, I’ve become aware that ANYTHING is possible and we are #InfiniteBeings who have had #LimitingBeliefs created throughout our childhood… and those beliefs CAN be healed (IF we choose to do so)… and by choosing to heal those #InnerChild #wounds allows us to go back to being LIMITLESS and having it ALL – how we were born in this world! 👶🏻 It also became very clear to me that we create our own reality based on our thoughts, beliefs, and thus our vibration! 💖

So to say Hope for the BEST, Expect the WORST, what do you think THAT creates? 🤨

Thankfully, now I’ve gotten the steps down:
1️⃣ AWARENESS of our daily words, thoughts, and context we live in 💭

2️⃣ ACCEPTING what’s so in the present moment, and what are the facts, while not creating stories around it or making it mean something that it’s not… no assumptions either 🙅🏻‍♀️

3️⃣ CLEARING & RELEASING any #Fears or #Doubts, because one cannot have TRUST & FAITH when there is any FEAR & DOUBT

4️⃣ ENVISIONING the Best and that which I desire deep down in my Spirit, what EXCITES me like a kid in a candy 🍭 store!

5️⃣ FEELING what I would feel if that was already present, those feel good feels and #HighVibes 💖💫

6️⃣ AND lastly having NO expectations or attachments because when we #surrender to “everything happens for our #HighestGood” while envisioning what we desire and MORE beyond our dreams or even the unimaginable in this current moment, will bring about exactly that… or MORE! 🤩

I’m learning more and more daily that the KEY is to have NO expectations or attachments, just TRUST, FAITH, BELIEF, & PATIENCE… #Manifestations are bound to happen when we follow these steps WITHOUT any DOUBT! Like Attracts Like 🦄💖💫

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