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BEING is Not Lazy… It’s Productive

Yesterday was a BEING day for me 💖

⁣For years I never took the time to just CHILL because I valued DOING so much and always thought if I just took a day of chillaxing I was being LAZY and not productive 😳

The word LAZY is super disempowering and a Low Frequency word, just doesn’t feel good to use and is defined as “unwilling to work or use energy; showing a lack of effort or care…” 😬

Well I see those days not as UNWILLING or LACK of anything, but rather a day to REST, REJUVENATE, & FILL MY CUP 🥰

And now I’ve learned that BEING without making oneself wrong or feeling guilty for not DOING is actually PRODUCTIVE when our body needs it… It’s the time our body REPAIRS itself and since I had slept 5hrs the night before, all I wanted to do was absolutely NOTHING when I came home from my MRI… 🙃

I tried to get on a couple calls, but it felt forced and wasn’t serving me or others in that state so FINALLY I gave into what my body and intuition was saying… I SURRENDERED and stopped RESISTING! 🤩 And rescheduled the rest of my day to make it one of those Rest Days 😌

When we stop resisting, and Surrender To The Flow of our body, we actually get to the other side much quicker! Which is exactly what happened for me… I went from Netflixing for hours barely touching my phone 📱 and having it on silent to suddenly getting inspired in the evening to update my whiteboard with ALL the things I‘m working on, which is something I’ve been wanting to do since before we moved back over 4mos ago! Blew my own mind 🤯😂

Giving into what our body needs is exactly what’s necessary to move forward 🥰 the times I don’t give in, my body forces me to take a day off by getting sick, which is never fun… haven’t you noticed the same? 🤔

Pushing our body to go against what’s needed over and over creates DIS-EASE in the body… So #ListenToYourBody and make it a choice to bring EASE to your body when need be! 🦄💖💫

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