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Worrying versus Loving Energy

I LOVE #AbrahamHicksQuotes and especially love receiving the #DailyEmails… 🥰 So perfectly timed too! 👌🏼

I have been talking about worry 🆚 love energy for the past week and then THIS happens to pop up in my email the other day!🦄 Swipe right to see…

Lately with the #CoronaVirus #Pandemic2020 I have been receiving messages from people that I need to be careful because my #ImmuneSystem is compromised 😳🤦🏻‍♀️😒

As hard as I try not to get triggered and give it any other meaning than it’s all out of love (and not that I’m weak cuz that’s what’s beneath the trigger 🙃), it still bothers me cuz I have never cared for anyone worrying about me…

Yes, I get that it‘s ALL out of love, BUT it’s also disempowering and has a #LowFrequency, which impacts both the person FEELING the concern as well as the person being worried about…

Now when we come from LOVE and surround those we love with #LoveVibration, we not only FEEL that energy within us first, but we also send that #HighFrequency of love to those we love 💖💫

“Every emotion carries with it an energy, a certain vibration, the highest of which are emotions such as love, joy, and gratitude… Lower resonating emotions are feelings such as fear, guilt, shame, anger, humiliation, and anxiety…

Worry/anxiety is a #VibrationalMatch to #humiliation, dread, and unhappiness, all of which I do not want to feel.” (Snippet from 👉🏼

Levels of Consciousness
David R. Hawkins

In other words, when looking at the #LevelsOfConsciousness #FrequencyChart, #Anxiety falls under FEAR and based on the reference above, humiliation falls under the #SHAME vibration 😳

When we TRUST our loved ones are taken care of and BELIEVE that everything is always working out for our #HighestGood and out of any situation only good will come (#LouiseHay), it creates EASE and showers us ALL with #HighVibes! 💫

Next time when you feel the sense of “worry” about your loved one(s), consider shifting your focus to loving them and sending all the high vibes, love, & light and then notice the difference that makes for both of you! 🦄💖💫

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