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Client Shoutout Time! 🥳

What does acknowledgment mean to you? 🤔

Acknowledgement doesn’t happen often in our lives and most of those that work with me aren’t sure how to answer what I can acknowledge them for at the beginning, yet become masters of it by the end of their journey because that’s how we end each session! 🥰

With that in mind, I’m starting a regular CLIENT SHOUTOUT TIME (with permission to share of course)! 🥳

I believe those who have the COURAGE to work on themselves by investing in themselves for their growth, HEALing, and UP LEVELing deserve more than just a SHOUTOUT because it takes something to FEEL the PAIN within in order to HEAL from within, and as Rumi said it best:

“The cure for pain is in the pain.” ❤️‍🩹

This quote immediately reminded me of a lovely former client of mine who completed her journey with me last week! 🤩

Bittersweet since I won’t be seeing her beautiful face weekly, yet so PROUD of how far she’s come in her journey in just 6 months! 🤯

Having chronic pain is NOT easy, yet by feeling the feels and doing the work, taking on the coaching, tools, exercises, and Energy HEALing, Alayna has been able to view her circumstances as a REBIRTH and starting to see the GIFT in every experience life presents her with! 💝

It’s during the lowest of times when our survival mechanism is the LOUDEST and it’s during those times we can grow and HEAL exponentially IF we choose to do so by investing in ourselves and taking on the deep shadow work! 💪🏼

It’s why I say the greater the PAIN and STRUGGLE, the greater the GAIN and GRATITUDE for life! 🦸‍♀️

Life is a HEALing Journey and Alayna‘s Higher Self, who she is at her core, definitely started shining through like the bright unique EMERALD she is as she took on the coaching and HEALing throughout the last 6 months along with creating the balance to just BE, and more! 💎💚💫

CONGRATULATIONS on completing Alayna, you are a bright STAR in this world and those that come across you will see your light immediately! 💫

Are YOU ready to invest in YOU?! 👇🏼🙋‍♀️

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