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Life is a Heartbeat 💓

A heartbeat has its up and down,
so what makes you think life doesn’t? 🤨 Otherwise life would be a flat line and we wouldn’t be ALIVE, living, and GROWING! ❤️‍🩹

And this week definitely had lots of ups! ❤️‍🔥

I love asking my HIGH VIBE SUPPORT TRIBE and clients what their 3 BIGGEST WINS were in the last week on Fridays to finish off the week with HIGH VIBES and start the weekend that way too! 💖💫

After several weeks of feeling more downs than ups, which is NOT my MO 🙃, I declared and committed it was time to get back to being HIGH VIBE 80% or more of the time and started focusing on all the WINS in my life! 😍

Where we focus our attention is where our energy flows and what we focus on grows! 🥰

Before this declaration, every time I would bring up my fertility journey in conversations, tears would fill my eyes without my control! 🥺😳

Whereas now I KNOW without a DOUBT I’m on the right path to pregnancy and motherhood! 🤰🏻🤱🏻

The last couple of weeks, and especially this last week was a clear manifestation of my declaration and even Mr. Pashmak having a successful surgery was a manifestation because with his heart murmur I was terrified he wouldn’t come back from anesthesia! 😱

Instead he’s back to being our guard dog as you’ll see in the videos! 🐩😂

That said, here are my WINS for the week:

✨ My baby making hormones have become more optimal using holistic methods and herbal supplements despite Western medicine telling me it’s not possible! 👶🏻🥰

✨ I was asked to have my own weekly Self Empowerment and HEALing program on a Global Iranian TV and Radio talk show AND they mentioned they’d create a book out of 30 episodes! 🎙📕

✨ I had wonderful consultations this week and a couple new clients that I look forward to empowering and witnessing them create their FUTURE VISION! 😍

✨ And and since it’s been a HIGH VIBING week, my dog was finally able to get surgery and it was a success! He’s even moving around a bit and barking away! 🐩💙

What was your BIGGEST WIN this last week? 🏆

And if you’re ready to UP LEVEL and create more WINS in your life, schedule your FREE consultation below!👇🏼

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