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Failure Creates GIFTS 💝

STOP making failure the reason you don’t leap into the unknown, where infinite possibilities exist! ♾

So many I speak with don’t take the risk to follow their hearts’ desire because of the fear of failure, whether it was a failed circumstance from the past or even just an imagined one that never happened in reality. 💖

They say every master was once a disaster! 🤪

To become a master, you may fail multiple times before succeeding and in such failed attempts you have the choice to give up OR to look at each failed attempt as an opportunity to learn from and make the next attempt even better! 😍

Did you just miraculously stand up and start walking on the first attempt? I highly doubt that. 😜

Were you on autopilot immediately on a bike or driving a car? Probably not! 🙃

So what makes you think everything MUST BE 💯 perfecto when taking on the unknown and doing something for the first time? 🤨


Many famous people have failed multiple times before succeeding, we just don’t see that part. 🙃

So consider taking on the past as a LEARNING experience and the PRESENT to take forward action towards each goal in order to CREATE the future you desire knowing that no matter how it goes, up or down, there’s ALWAYS a GIFT in it! 💝

What’s the ONE thing you’ve been stopping yourself from doing because of some failure story? Share in the comments!👇🏼

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