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Life is like a Zipper…

Each tooth of a Zipper is perfectly aligned and a “stepping stone” in order for the tab to reach the top! 🦸🏻‍♀️ So life really is like a Zipper only IF you continuously allow yourself to Surrender without Attachments in order to Reinvent, Recreate, and Evolve to the Next Level YOU! 🙌🏼

Life can be a never ending Zipper until the day we die, so why not Surrender and LEVEL UP over and over again?!

When it comes to creating a new business, I’ve noticed as I grow personally, my business and who my ideal clients are all grow AND evolve along with me! 🥰

As long as I remember, I’ve always been the friend people have come to for advice during their tough times, whether it was relationship related, family, or whatever else and I always loved to help them! 🤗 No wonder I chose #Consulting as my former career 😝 Perfect position to give advice and help support clients and customers as an expert! 👩🏻‍💻

Throughout the last few years I’ve learned that HELPING is actually disempowering in some sense because EVERYONE is whole and complete as they are and people have to discover the unique path to take on their own and no matter how many thousands of times I’d give the same advice, it wouldn’t matter sooo then I discovered Coaching! 💡 And the power of GUIDANCE rather than ADVICE! 🤩

My #Coaching journey started several years ago as a #HealthCoach through #Isagenix in August of 2015! 💚 After completing the #LandmarkForum and then the Advanced, my new mindset allowed me to release any skepticism I had around #NetworkMarketing and I trusted my BFF from High School, Dr. Rachael Meir, and began my Isagenix journey as a side business while getting into the best Health of my life alongside my Consultant type role at Qualcomm Inc.

I started getting familiar with coaching, which again was the perfect stepping stone (or tooth up that Zipper) to continue my #PersonalTransformation through #LandmarkWorldwide AND be developed as a Leader! 💁🏻‍♀️ #Empowerment became part of me back then so when I was diagnosed, I was able to BE present and #empower myself throughout, while journaling my journey publicly on social media 📝

This then opened my eyes to empowering others while going through my own struggles and journey, so next thing you know a former coworker / client of the company I was working for during my consulting days in Colorado 10+ years ago contacted me and introduced me to #AccomplishmentCoaching at the perfect moment yet again! 😍 Following my intuition (because following my #InnerGuide and Compass is key in everything I do), I joined the program to become a #LifeCoach, which seemed to be my next level up that Zipper 👏🏼 and within the first couple months another tooth up that Zipper was set and my specialty and niche became #EmpowermentCoach in the area of Health and Well Being! 💚💚💚

What’s interesting is our evolution and next level differs from each person around us so when my growth would cause these massive leaps into another level up that Zipper, it felt like the zipper would get stuck at times due to all the uncomfortable and unknown! 😣

Always Surrender and Align with your Highest Self

In January-March of this last year, I began to work with an Intuitive Healer & Shaman (Jacobo Moya – who’s incredible btw) and I began to experience Energy like I never had before! I went through an amazing Awakening process and learned so much about myself and ALL the spiritual experiences I’ve had since childhood… and then boom 💥 in the middle of one of my meditations Mind, Body, Spirit Coach came to me! 💡

I knew I had the Body piece down after having completely transformed my own body through Isagenix and then living that Healthy Lifestyle, which really required a #MINDSET shift and that all came through the #Ontological work I had done through Landmark previously and at that point Accomplishment Coaching, which I was in a little over 6 months at the time… But what I kept doing was denying the word Healer or Healing whenever people called me that 🙈 I didn’t believe I could be that at that point! Even though the Universe continued to bring it to me through various people that would always take me aside and tell me that just being in my presence or having conversations with me or even reading my posts on social media had healed them due to my #Energy. I would even pull tarot cards at various events and always Healing or Healer would come up; and even the numerologist I saw at the beginning of this year said that I’m a Healer based on my birthday AND that just BEING in my presence heals others, yet I continued to deny it all because I didn’t think of myself powerfully like that yet… Self doubt is a b*%#! 🤦🏻‍♀️

So much has shifted and evolved yet again in just this last couple of weeks thanks to Tamara Ross for guiding and facilitating me to see who I am! And in fact what’s been resonating with me more now IS a Healer, a #MindBodySpiritHealer that is! 🦄💫💖

After having gone through one of the worst times of my life personally, because let’s face it, an avocado sized brain tumor is NO JOKE! Especially one that was escalated to a #Glioblastoma… But see, even the escalation of my diagnosis didn’t have me quit or lose hope, it actually FUELED my power and made me even more relentless! 👊🏼💥💪🏼

MRI Image: 08/23/2017 and 29 Staples after the entire Tumor + Margins were removed!

Why else would I have healed so quickly and have all my blood work not only back to normal, but thriving better than most people that haven’t even been through chemotherapy?! 🤔 AND quicker than most could ever imagine! 🦸🏻‍♀️

It wasn’t ONLY Western medicine, but all kinds of alternative and holistic routes, plus a change in my MINDset and lifestyle (BODY), AND becoming more in touch with SPIRITuality! All of which I’ve gained through my commitment to my life in the long run and spent over $100,000 out of pocket to HEAL! And now, I am honing into what I am for others out there: I EMPOWER OTHERS TO HEAL THEMSELVESI AM A MIND BODY SPIRIT HEALER! No more denying it 🙅🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

Many people have shared with me that just being in my presence or having a conversation with me heals them and raises their frequency… I hadn’t fully owned that part of me because of all the disempowering mind chatter of: “who am I to be a healer?” to keep me small! 🤨 I couldn’t believe it was possible that my Energy heals people even though I’ve heard it so many times for YEARS! 🙃

Not anymore! 🙅🏻‍♀️ I am owning it! 💖 I’m owning my power and my purpose now that I’ve healed my own #WellBeing and I’m back to the Healthiest I’ve ever been in life! 😍 It’s time to evolve and reinvent myself and business once again! I thought I’d be attached to what I had created with #FreeToBeMe23 yet I noticed it was perfect for my growth period and now… up that Zipper I go! Let the fine tuning begin:

💖 Have you recently been diagnosed with Cancer, Tumor, an Auto Immune disease, or any other ailment and feel completed defeated❓

💖 Are you dealing with Chronic Pain that stops you from Living Life to the Fullest❓

💖 Do you feel that modern day Western Medicine has been suppressing your symptoms and a band-aid fix rather than getting to the root cause❓

💖 Have traditional doctors (NOT integrative) let you down❓

💖 Have you tried everything in the books and every diet out there yet cannot seem to get to your ideal body❓

💖 Are you extremely low energy and can barely keep your eyes open, always feening coffee or caffeine❓

💖 Is anxiety keeping you up at night and having you be sleep deprived❓

💖 Have you tried ALL types of healings, yet nothing is working and now have given up❓

If you answered YES to any questions above, it’s time to have a conversation with me 🙋🏻‍♀️

To conclude, there is NOTHING wrong with Western medicine nor traditional doctors 👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️ I continue to use them AND get my MRIs every 3 months! I’ve also completed chemotherapy (temodar), radiation, and Novocure’s Optune device… the difference is I CHOSE all those methods using my intuition, my inner guide, my internal compass 🧭 AND I also took a Holistic approach… Western Medicine focuses on one aspect: BODY; well what about the MIND and SPIRIT ⁉️ It takes ALL 3 to be not only balanced, but also HEALTHY!

Did I say it was easy? NO! Although I made it look easy because that’s how COMMITTED I was to Live MY Life to the Fullest and at times it did feel easy BECAUSE of my commitment. And now, I call myself an expert in this area because I DID it all: Mind Body Spirit Healing to the extreme so that I can be that Mind Body Spirit Healer for YOU! 🦸🏻‍♀️

Why wouldn’t you WANT to be #4EverHealed⁉️ 🤨

That said, I’m off to my honeymoon in the morning now that chemotherapy has been completed AND I’ve graduating from my Coach Training Program! Get ready for lots of creations to come when I get back in a couple of weeks! 🥰

🚨 STAY TUNED 🚨 for Events & Programs that I’m creating to Facilitate and Empower people to heal themselves 💫

After many people’s requests in Colorado, my FIRST Mind Body Spirit Healing Event is set for Saturday morning of 9/7/2019 so SAVE THE DATE as I begin the creation process! 🤩

HEALING WITH ANUSCHKA!Click here to Contact me…

…EVERYONE has the possibility to Live Life to the Fullest in the face of any circumstance!!!

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