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Do You Ever Half-Unplug? 🤔

Being an entrepreneur and doing what I do, sometimes it’s tough to unplug! Especially since majority of those that find me is through the World Wide Web and word of mouth of course, which I always appreciate! 🙃

The last 3 day weekend with all the birthday celebrations, first time seeing many friends after over a year and half, and other FUN fulfilled activities, I chose to half-unplug. 😜

Yes there are times I fully unplug when on vacay mode, but that weekend I was mostly unplugged and yet doing some random updates here and there especially in my HIGH VIBE SUPPORT TRIBE! 🧠💖💫

Unplugging differs for each person and for me it never means I go without photos, because let’s face it, that’s just not gonna happen! 😝 I was taking pictures WAY before cameras existed on phones!📱

It’s all about compartmentalizing and balancing! ⚖️

Just because I take a snapshot of a time in our memories doesn’t mean I HAVE to post right then! When was this rule made up anyway. 😒

I prefer to take a few snaps and then be PRESENT and connect with those around! 🥰

I’ve noticed that people come and go in my life depending on my vibes and when there is not a vibrational match, you just can’t tune in with the same people no matter how long you’ve known them until there is a vibrational match yet again! 💫

It has nothing to do with your love for one another either, it’s similar to a radio station and wanting to listen to two stations – it doesn’t work without having static aka friction. 📻

I know I’ve had experiences where I’ve tried MANY times to make plans with someone and somehow or another it just doesn’t work out as if the Universe is giving me signs. 🤷🏻‍♀️

And then when we’re back to be a vibrational match with that same person, tada! 🪄 It happens with EASE and as easy as the ABC’s. 🙃

When we go with the flow of the downstream river rather than forcing ourselves to go upstream, it’s such a pleasant experience! 😍

Those forced plans because “we’re family” or “we grew up together” or whatever other story you continue to tell yourself will only bring you down to a lower frequency because it’s FORCED! 😣

And if instead we surrendered and ALLOWED life, including relationships, to take their natural course, without having the “never talking to THAT person ever again” attitude, but rather “we’ll naturally come together when we’re a vibrational match again”, you’d be amazed how much less head space that takes up and more peace of mind it creates! 🥰

HIGH VIBES BABY! That’s what life is about! 💖💫 And I truly felt uplifted every moment of every day, even though I was exhausted and drained from so much doing lately! 😍

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