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How often do YOU reset?!

I know for me weekends are typically a great time to reset, but when it becomes too much DOING and not enough BEING and resting, I need a much longer time to reset and getting out of town always does the trick for me! 🤩

Even though it wasn’t fully a chill and rest type of vacay, I still got the chance to be spontaneous and chill for a good amount! 🥰

There was a time before COVID I had declared going on some vacay or staycay once a month to get away from that day to day living in order to reset and clear my mind, which somehow or another would happen monthly for a couple of years and made a HUGE difference! 😍

These days, it hasn’t been the same so I felt a burn out was coming had I not just gotten away for a few days and made the time to CHILL! 😳

When you give into the society’s go-go-go autopilot life, one day you will crash and won’t want to get out of bed or off the couch for days wondering “WHY” or “what’s wrong with me?!” or worse, get sick because your body then FORCES you to rest, which used to be me so many times before! 🙈😜

There was a time I used to think hustle or work hard, which is a fast pace, never ending energy of chasing a dream, a goal, or a way of living. The hustle energy leads to burnout without fulfillment because it’s rushed, competitive, and always in search of the next best thing. 😩

Alignment on the other hand is connecting to your intuition and choosing inspiring goals that come from your inner soul’s purpose! ❤️‍🔥

We need BALANCE, even if you think you don’t and push through the days with lots of caffeine, sooner or later your body will force it on you! 🙃

Instead, CHOOSE to rest and create days for that, whether that’s a vacation or staycation or just not doing ANYTHING other than a couch potato for an entire day! That’s called balance! ☯️

I love learning what others do to reset as well so share in the comments how YOU reset?👇🏼

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