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Being Alone versus Lonely

Do you enjoy being alone? 🤔

Or do you get bored easily when alone not knowing what to do with yourself or even finding yourself constantly looking for distractions? 🧐

Self Love mastery is when one can spend time alone and enjoy the moment! 💁🏻‍♀️

When one FEELS lonely, it’s actually a sign you’re missing SELF LOVE more than anything or anyone else. 💖

Self Love and Self Care are two different things… many combine the two as one AND Self Care truly makes a difference when one has that Self Love! 🥰

And it varies for each person…

Having regular me time is a big part of both Self Care and Self Love! 😌

Do you schedule time to spend with YOU?

The ONLY person you’ll physically be with from birth to death and every single moment in between! 🙃

What else sources energy for YOU that is unique to YOUR Self Care? Comment below!👇🏼


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