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Shifting Habits with New Awareness

There are definitely times I don’t follow my own guidance or advice 🙈 after all even coaches and healers are humans ya know 😜

Recently I had a new awareness that I’ve been coming from a place of annoyance and frustration, which of course are #triggers and old patterns at a deeper level 😝

One of the fundamental pieces to Coaching is to have reminders of new awareness in order to shift our habitual automatic actions and come from a difference space… otherwise our ego will easily take over because that’s what’s COMFORTABLE and familiar 🙄

So the other day I took out my Post Its and wrote out a couple new actions from the new awareness and I’m happy to say, every time I see them, it’s a beautiful reminder to come from THAT place and not my old ways of being 🥰

Are there patterns you’re noticing that you’d like to shift?

If so, what new action will you write on your Post It?

And if you’re unaware of your patterns and are feeling those annoyed and frustrated feelings these days, who you gonna call?! Ghostbusters! 👻 Haha jk 😜🤙🏼🙋🏻‍♀️

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