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I am a Brain Tumor Survivor & Thriver Who was Inspired to become an Empowerment Health Coach & Healer

Hi! 🥰 I’d like to take a moment to reintroduce myself and what I’m up to in this world for those that are curious or have recently followed me 💖

AND because it is #BrainCancerAwareness month! 🖤🤍

My name is Anuschka Alborzian and I’m an #EmpowermentCoach and Healer that focuses on #HealthCoaching 🦄💖💫

In August of 2017, my life changed drastically, and I was reborn! I went in for an MRI due to migraine-like headaches to ensure it’s nothing serious, but instead of a 15 minute scheduled MRI, they had me stay for an hour. Once the MRI was done, I was escorted to the ER without any details as to why. After a couple hours, the ER doctor with 9 nurses standing around showed my scan – an avocado sized mass, which was later escalated to a #Stage4 #Glioblastoma (#GBM).

Thankfully, after both conventional and non-conventional treatments, I am #CancerFree and healed!

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After all I was enduring the second half of 2017 Post Surgery, an opportunity arose to hire a coach the month I started my Chemo Cycles, which was life changing! 🥰

That alongside hearing a #Prognosis that I don’t believe in made me super passionate to make a difference with others dealing with Health Struggles as well! I’m also realizing more and more how much my clients appreciate having the relatability too…

Halfway through #Chemo, everything lined up to apply for a year long Coach Training Program and as crazy as it sounds, it was one of the BEST decisions I’ve made! 😍

Now I have relatability on so many levels with my clients and have expanded my services to hands on healing and Energy Clearing as well (although not now unless you’re a Quarantine Buddy 😜)…

I absolutely LOVE and get super fulfilled when I notice the shift in my clients from the beginning of the session to the end 🥰 I literally can FEEL the difference as the Empath I am! 😍

And with all that’s been going on, I am offering DISCOUNT PRICING AS LONG AS WE’RE IN LOCKDOWN because it’s never been more crucial than now to make #HealthFirst 💚

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So if you’re dealing with Health Struggles, or looking for Preventive Health, or creating Healthy Relationships OR know of others that could benefit from my services, DM me now for a FREE Discovery Session and a limited Discount Pricing! 🙋🏻‍♀️🤙🏼💁🏻‍♀️

For more details of my story or the treatments I used, feel free to check out my profile on the Radical Remission site where you will find LOTS of Success Stories that need to be shared more so now than ever: My Profile.

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