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Corona Virus or Higher Consciousness? 🤔

“Your body’s ability to heal is far greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.” 🦄💖💫

We ALL have the ability to HEAL ourselves…
We just need to TRUST, BELIEVE, & have FAITH! 💖

I saw this quote on a recent call where I was learning about a new #EnergyMedicine / #LightMedicine technology (which I will share about later at some point 😉) and it resonated with me so deeply, especially with all that’s been going on 💖

Its taken me a few days to process all this #COVID-19 shut down and reminding me of the Dustin Hoffman movie #Outbreak in a weird way 😝 there seems to be so much fear and now that I can come from a place of love and compassion, I’m no longer judging all the hysteria around it… We’re experiencing something worldwide and people’s fears coming to surface, and this does NOT make anyone wrong for having such fears 😨

Something came to me earlier during a client call and that this has in a strange way brought the world coming together as a whole to battle ONE thing out there, to prevent others from getting it, and to BE MORE CONSCIOUS… isn’t that what we’ve been hearing about for awhile now? 2020 being the Dawning of a #NewAge, an opportunity to ascend into higher levels of consciousness… #RaiseTheVibration of the planet and shift energetically, and as this energy is drawn closer, our spiritual growth will also be accelerating… This New Age is an #AwakeningProcess for the masses, but like so many other processes, shifting into the light comes with some darkness… and we’re in the midst of the darkness…

Haven’t you noticed how collectively we have all become much more aware and have #HigherConsciousness with our surroundings: what we touch, who we sit around, how many times we wash our hands, not touch our face, when someone sneezes or coughs, and the list goes on… isn’t it interesting that it takes something like THIS to raise our consciousness and get out our autopilot way of life?

Although one thing I personally live by and have raised my awareness around is a knowing that like attracts like, thus the energy of fear brings on more things to be fearful of whereas when we come from a #HigherEnergy of LOVE and when we send those LOVE and HEALING vibes out to the 🌎 as a collective, it has an even bigger impact on those dealing with the virus 🦠💖💫

I personally believe that we all have an ability to heal ourselves WHEN we believe we can AND take the necessary actions, including preventative ones 😍

I do believe this will pass soon and a year from today we’ll look back at this whole toilet paper 🧻 dilemma that’s everywhere (which I saw plenty of when I went shopping yesterday btw 🤷🏻‍♀️) and laugh our butts off to what’s going on out there because there really are other ways to clean yourself that are even more sanitary than 🧻 ya know 🤨 like getting a #bidet, seriously! Invest in one, you’ll thank me later 😜

We have 3 of these in our house. There are all kinds of versions and plumbers know how to install them.

Not to say don’t take actions boosting your immune system more than usual either… I know I’ve been doubling up on vitamins, fueling my body with more nutrition, washing my HANDS more regularly (and glad that others that didn’t before are finally doing so too 🧼🙈)…

Some of my Immune System Boosting supplements
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And how I KNOW anything is possible, including HEALING ourselves and staying HEALTHY in the middle of all the chaos, especially when coming from a #HighFrequency place is because of my own experience when I was on #chemotherapy… In the summer of 2018, I recall traveling to Europe in between one of my #chemo cycles and most of my family members were sick with a cold or flu or who knows 🤒 and I took every action necessary including wearing a 😷 on my flights, keeping my distance, etc! And when we flew back home, Ashkan got sick, but I refused to get sick during chemo so guess what I did? EVERYTHING you could think of from sleeping with #EssentialOils & onions 🧅 at the bottom of my feet and socks 🧦 to hold them in place to smudging the house with #Sage, #PaloSanto, and #Espand (a Persian herb aka #WildRue)… lots of VitCs, diffusers, mantras of “ALL IS WELL”, constant #BreathWork, #meditation, crystals, #SaltBaths, kept my distance, and who knows what else! I NEVER got sick!! AND Ashkan got sick again later that year of chemo, yet again same thing – I DID NOT! Not to compare a common cold or flu to the #CoronaVirus, but point being is ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and we ALL are #Limitless as long as we TRUST, BELIEVE, and TAKE ACTIONS! 💖

Hot Springs in between Chemotherapy Cycles:

At this point, instead of living in fear, consider sending all the healing, light, and love vibes to those affected around the world because we’re all connected energetically and we could actually take this darkness of times to come together as a whole, shift into a Higher Consciousness, and raise the frequency of the planet all together! 🦄💖💫

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