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Our Body is within our Spirit Explained

Have you had the experience of hearing something several times and not FULLY getting it? 🤔 But then one day you hear it differently and it just clicks?! 💡

Well it’s all about timing and being ready to hear the message 🥰

I recently heard this yet again and got it at a different level:

“People think our Spirit is within our Body when actually our Body is within our Spirit!” 🤯🤩

My analytical/logical and science mind got it for the first time the other day! 😍

Simply put, our Spirit = Energy, and we each have our own #EnergyField, in other words the #HumanAura, that’s about a 3 foot radius around each one of our bodies made up of several layers…

So then OF COURSE our Body is within our Spirit and OF COURSE it makes sense when we’re around others we literally FEEL if they’re low or high energy because at that point our #EnergeticField aka Aura aka Spirit that envelops our Body is connected to theirs and since thoughts create emotions, which then create the Energy at which we vibrate at frequency wise, AND like attracts like when it comes to Energy and all, well then it all comes together and makes perfect sense! 🤓 at least to me now 😝

And all THAT is what makes #LawOfAttraction real, it’s not philosophy, it’s PHYSICS as #Einstein once quoted… and then of course the ACTIONS we take aligned with the Energy are key in manifestation 🦄💖💫

It’s not Philosophy, it’s Physics
The Human Aura aka
Energetic Field aka

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