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Did you know our body’s immune system destroys cancer cells daily? 🤔

Every single day our body’s immune destroys a cell that would have become cancer!

There are so many lifestyle changes that influence this process and prevent these cells from taking a bad turn into those cells no one desires to have.

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Here are 5 🖐🏼 to follow thanks to @consciousvibrancy:

  1. What your skin absorbs:
  2. What you ingest.
  3. What you breathe.
  4. How much you move.
  5. And most of all: What you think!

I’d like to expand on these as well because most people don’t realize how many toxins are not only in the environment, but also in all the products we use daily! Have you looked at your soap ingredients? How about your lotion? Shampoo? Detergent? Makeup 💄? You get the gist… Toxins are EVERYWHERE! And did you know our skin is the biggest organ of the body?!

The non organic food we eat has been sprayed with pesticides and even if you wash them, the soil itself has the pesticides, which naturally gets absorbed along with the water and nutrients through the stems, so if you really think about it, washing is just the exterior! What about the inside of the produce? They are used to save farmers from their crops being destroyed, but at what cost? OUR LIVES!!!

As for our air, well we all know how many toxins are in the air we breathe! With all the cars and who knows what else is in the air…

And then there’s Exercise, which my Natural path doctor (Dr. Stengler) prescribed me to do 3-5 vigorous exercises per week!

Some others I would personally include are:

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamps (or other crystals) in all rooms of your home to neutralize and protect you from the EMF radiation emitted from our electronic devices, especially our modems / routers and WiFi.
  2. Place your modem / router in a room that is used the least and far from your bedroom(s).
  3. When charging your electronic devices, turn them off or at least have them on airplane mode and keep them far away from you. DO NOT place them by your head or body, and definitely NOT under your pillow at night!

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