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Crying Washes Your Soul…

I used to think it was a sign of “weakness” to cry 😭 and now I view it SO differently!!! I would hold it all in and not cry, especially in front of people that I didn’t know because I thought they’d judge me or think of me differently 🤦🏻‍♀️

I wanted to portray a (false) image of strength, rather than Power… I created an image of intimidation rather than that of empowerment 💪🏼 Now I know clearly that there is SO much more power in vulnerability! 🤗

I even remember people making comments that I’m insensitive and cold 😳And then when they really got to know me, the true me, they would get surprised when they saw my big sensitive heart ❤️ and how it was ALL an image to protect and guard my heart in order to not be hurt 💔

This Coach Training weekend was an extremely powerful one; the theme was Relationships, of all kinds! 💖 I got really present to SO much of who I was, who I’ve transformed into, and my relationship to myself AND others currently 🥰

I am so proud to say that I don’t hold back the tears anymore 😍 Tears flow down when I laugh 🤣 my head off and I don’t make it mean anything other than Happiness… so why is it that we need to justify those same tears 😢 when they flow down for any other emotion? 🤔 It’s just salty water leaking from our eyes 👀 isn’t it? 🤨

⁣There cannot be joy without sadness, and sadness cannot be fully felt and released by withholding tears (at least not in my case) 💦 Otherwise I feel my throat chakra close up 🤐

⁣So do your Soul a favor and go cry out and release anything that’s there to let go 🌬 Whether you do it in a car or your room alone or in front of others… It’s always best to let it all out than pour it inside your body… Wash your Soul with those tears and “save” your body by not holding onto or suppressing sadness, resentment, anger, or any other emotion I missed 🥺😢😭😤😠😡🤬🤯😣

⁣Like they say, you can’t pour rose petals 🥀 on top of a pile of 💩 and expect it to smell good, you gotta clean that sh!t first before pouring those rose petals 🌹


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