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Half FULL or Half EMPTY? 🥛

Is the glass half FULL or half EMPTY? 🤔
I tend to lean on the optimistic side, I may be overly optimistic even! 😂

And honestly I prefer to be that way than being pessimistic. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I see the glass half FULL even when it’s almost empty. 🙃

I’m all about living a MAGICAL Lifestyle where everything is ALWAYS working out for me and my highest good! 🦄💖💫

And even those times when things don’t go MY way, although I may be disappointed in the moment, eventually after seeking the GIFT in it once it’s behind me and I look at it in hindsight, I realize that everything DID work out for my highest good and MY way wasn’t the BEST way! 🥰

I know those around me sometimes make comments that I’m not realistic, but what is that anyway? 🤨

I believe we create our reality and every thought impacts that reality, including that subconscious higher self thought we’re not even aware of! 💭

Do I expect unicorns to start flying in the sky? NO! Although that would be pretty awesome! 😉🦄

We are infinite beings with infinite possibilities so when our thoughts and feelings are in alignment, we bring about the reality we envision – and THAT is the MAGICAL lifestyle I refer to: miracles after miracles! 🪄💖✨

I wasn’t always this way, I was actually quite the opposite and very pessimistic AND my life matched that way of thinking…

So it’s been proven to me with my life experiences the difference our thoughts and feelings make in our world! 😍

And I KNOW it’s possible for everyone else too especially when you take on the mantra of knowing no matter what happens, it’s for your highest good! 🤩

So do you see the glass as half FULL or EMPTY? 😜

If you’re leaning more on the half EMPTY glass and can’t seem to shift that, schedule a FREE Consultation with me to learn what’s possible for YOU!👇🏼

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