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What would YOUR Future Self Choose? 🤔

Looking back at some old pictures before I knew what I know now, I can see I had started to take the steps in the direction that was right for me and my journey, without knowing back then in this picture what my future holds… ⁣

Taken December 2015

Reminiscing on those memories has made me #SoGrateful for the past me, the one who chose to step forward into that #HealthyLivingJourney 😍

Now as a Coach and Healer, I believe in always having some type of mentor as well because we can only grow so much on our own since we can’t see our own blind spots and we don’t know what we don’t know… and in my personal view, #GrowthMindset🌱 and what we give POWER to is KEY to a fulfilled life! 🥰 ⁣

Power of the MIND

Through the current program I’m in and thanks to the #coaches and facilitator of the program, I’ve noticed what a HUGE difference it makes in my life to consistently have the awareness and align with my #HighSelf as well as ask the question for everything I do: “Would my #FutureSelf choose / do this?” 🤔 THIS creates MAGIC! 🦄💖💫 ⁣

Making Choices for your Future Self

When we align with our ego rather than our #HighestSelf, we tend to stay comfortable rather than what serves us most in the long run, while aligning with our Higher Self and looking to what our #FutureSelf would do creates the perfect combination to pull that JUICY future which we desire towards us! 🦄💖💫

What are you aligning in? 🤔

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