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Triggers Are Opportunities for Growth

Anytime you have an internal reaction with something that happened taking you out of harmony and creating disharmony in your body, there’s a trigger.

I recently became aware of a few new triggers since I’ve been more emotional & hormonal lately! 🥹🥺

And so thankful for 𝗣𝗦𝗬𝗖𝗛-𝗞® right now more than ever since I do a quick process to get to peace & non-attachment to heal the trigger for good (and I highly recommend this btw)! 😍

WOMEN: consider shifting your context about being hormonal to viewing it as a GIFT that shines the light on what still needs to be healed within you – total GAME CHANGER! ❤️‍🩹

⁣So this week I’ll be sharing about some triggers that have come up AND the awarenesses I got from them.

The key is having AWARENESS that there is a trigger, and then getting curious as to what’s underneath the trigger, unfolding where it came from and what exactly triggered you to begin with. 🤔

I recently became aware that with this fertility journey I have been taking on the opinions of others and trying to stop thinking about getting pregnant, which has been conflicting with my natural way of being.

Of course I understand the concept because it can cause stress AND that is not how I operate especially with all the healing work I’ve done to get here. ❤️‍🩹

Now I get it, I was one of those advice givers before going thru this journey giving my opinion to those that were dealing with it and now I realize how I should NEVER have done that! 😳

The same thing happened during my cancer healing journey as everyone had an opinion, yet I have learned, especially as a Healer, unsolicited advice can actually be more disempowering than empowering. 🙃

I know everyone means well AND it doesn’t change the fact that everything I’m told I’m either already aware of or heard so many times before, such as:

🤰🏻It happens when you least expect it!

🤰🏻Just let go & stop trying, then it will happen.

🤰🏻Stories of those that stopped or gave up, then suddenly got pregnant.

🤰🏻Stories of those that adopted, did fertility treatment, or surrogacy, then got pregnant after.

🤰🏻The advice of not stressing or being emotional, then it’ll happen!

🤰🏻The age advice, which really makes me wanna slap someone! 😂

Just to name a few that stand out to me.

One can focus on pregnancy AND not be attached while surrendering to Divine Timing as I have! 💁🏻‍♀️

It’s taken a ton of work & been a long 2.5+ years journey, but I’m not one to give up on that which I desire deep in my heart and KNOW intuitively without a doubt it’s part of our path in life to be parents. 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻

AND I realized that me trying to stop myself from thinking about being pregnant & a mom felt heavy and actually was causing stress! 😣

So now I’m allowing all the thoughts of motherhood to flow because let’s face it, it’s my highest desire in life right now AND the thoughts & dreams & visions are positive while keeping Divine Timing in mind. 🥰

Will there be emotions if I’m not pregnant, possibly and I’ll feel & heal through them knowing it’s not Divine Timing.

The only thing I share with anyone going thru anything when ASKED is what’s most important is to always DREAM & ENVISION your desire & NEVER give up, release all FEAR, be fully committed even thru the pain because when you have that strong of a desire then it’s meant to be yours! 🪄💖✨

I’m soon redirecting my focus to mamas to be as I’m so clear going thru this journey has set me up to work with such women bringing them to a place of peace & non-attachment and healing what there is to heal while reprogramming limiting beliefs that do not serve them in pregnancy because that is a HUGE missing piece from what I’ve seen! ❤️‍🩹
When the body is not in a state of peace & non-attachment, pregnancy may become challenging. 🤰🏻

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